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July 2023 - Website Release

News and updates about Uptick's July 2023 release

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The Uptick release for July brings improvements to the appointment scheduler, the purchase order process and makes it easier to collect signatures to complete AFSS documents

Changes and Improvements

Appointment Scheduler

  • We've made improvements to the way the scheduler loads data, which should result in a faster page, especially when there are many technicians in view.

  • We've removed the two-step filtering, bringing the filtering back inline like the old scheduler

  • We've made a bunch of little UI improvements, e.g. showing small duration appointments more clearly, and removing some older pages like the property appointments page, and the technician account profile.

  • We've fixed some bugs, e.g. non-task events showing properly when scheduled at the end-of-week crossing into the following week.

Purchase Orders

  • When configuring your product catalogue, you can now specify a different account code for purchases vs sales of that product, bringing our system in line with most accounting systems. Import your expense account codes in bulk using the importer.

Consolidated invoicing (Parent-child tasks)

  • When generating a consolidated invoice against a parent task with a number of child tasks, the revenue is now correctly recognised against each child task. This means revenue and cost are attributed correctly to the cost center on each child task.

  • Note that if you are using this functionality, you can no longer use the summarised lineitem functionality shown below, but you can achieve a similar outcome by using one of the “summary only” invoice templates (available via Control Panel > Document templates > Uptick template gallery).

    Once enabled, the template can be chosen by clicking 'Update' on any parent invoice.

Signoffs, AFSS's and the Contractor Portal:

  • We've made the new signoffs tool the default and removed the old tool. The new tool allows contractors to set the "responsible person" on each ESM if they are not the primary APFS.

  • We've finished the "manage team" page in the contractor portal, allowing you to add and update your team members that need to interact with Uptick. You can invite them into the portal, link any accreditations they might have (e.g. APFS number), and draw a signature to be used for any AFSS signoffs.

  • We've launched a new AFSS report, called "AFSS 2023 (Signoffs)" which can be used to collect signatures from each APFS to generate a compliant AFSS document for your customer. Note that if you are using this, you will need to issue yourself (the person on your team who is the APFS) a signoff too.

  • We've added custom field support to the keys and equipment register, allowing you to categorise different items or add things like expected return dates or expiry dates for equipment.

Many quality-of-life improvements have been made around the system, the most notable being:

  • We’ve sped up the “search everything” box to return results much faster if you've business has a lot of active tasks (e.g. 10,000+).

  • All DESK-licensed users can see task sessions created by field staff on the task detail page (excluding any rates).

  • [Cost Centres] We’ve added a guardrail when creating a task from a defect quote to prevent accidentally associating the wrong cost centre with a task. The cost centre dropdown now correctly filters to cost centres applicable to repair tasks.

  • [Non-Contracted Servicing] Several rows can now be added at once when configuring products for future quoting. Approved tasks also now populate with a cost price.

  • [UptickID/bSECURE] To avoid confusion, the UptickID/bSECURE tab of an asset or property will only show a virtual sticker if someone has actually attached a sticker to this bSECURED property or asset. The "hero" photo will now be updated if the "hero" photo on the asset is changed in Uptick.

  • [Permissions] Staff cannot archive tasks via the dispatch page without the 'Can archive task' permission.

  • Property contact CSV download no longer includes inactive contacts.

  • [Stock Warehousing] Labour products will no longer appear in warehouses as stock. The 'Is Stocked' field on products has also been removed to make way for upcoming stock warehousing features.

  • When adding a remark via the web, all remark types can now be chosen rather than just for first 100.

  • [Contractor portal] Contractors can now see the product quantity correctly when doing repairs via the contractor portal.

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