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News and updates about Uptick's April 2023 release

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The Uptick release for April brings with it several changes and improvements to billing contracts, our profitability reports, rectifications, service quotes and the financial controls of the system.

Changes and Improvements

Billing Contracts

  • Billing contracts are now faster to build with the ability to load routines already set up on the property

Financial Controls

  • To help support more complex businesses manage their financials and restrict access, we've added more permissions and controls to the Uptick system. To make sure the right staff have access, please review your security groups post-release.

    • We've added a separate permission to raise a bill from a purchase order.

    • We've locked the ability to edit any financial information that may change the profitability of a task, on an archived task. We've also added a separate permission around making an archived task, active again.

    • We've stopped the ability to trash approved timesheets, you must unapprove a timesheet before trashing it. We've also added a separate permission to unapproved a timesheet.

    • We've completely locked the ability to edit a task's cost centre or branch allocation if that task has an invoice or purchase order bill.

    • The annual Recurring Value column on the Property List is now also covered by the 'Can View Pricing' permission.

    • Purchase orders can now only be edited in a Draft status.

Profitability Reports

  • We've added a Service Group filter to all our profitability reports so that you can save favourites on data you care about most


  • When processing timesheets, we show total hours more clearly on the timesheet calendar, and added a progress bar

Default Technicians

  • We now track default technician changes on the properties' timeline to help with paper trail.

  • To help our auditors, you are now able to submit a reason when rejecting a rectification that your client has submitted to resolve a remark

  • The "Is Not" option on the Status filter is now working as intended

  • Service Quotes in a completed, approved and declined status can now be duplicated to help speed up the contract renewal or resubmission process


  • On the new scheduler, you can now clearly distinguish current and forecasted appointments

Sage Accounting Integration

  • We now pull through the chart of accounts for our Sage integration so that default expense/income codes can now be set for your invoices and purchase order bills. This now brings Sage Accounting in line with all our other accounting integrations.

Small cleanups

  • You can now create a property straight from a client's profile by clicking the 'Properties' tab > Create property.

  • When creating a contractor, the primary contact field can be found on the left instead of the right side to add location consistency with other places in the system

  • There are some small styling changes when issuing unscheduled signoffs to contractors for complete annual certification

  • On the contractor portal, a 'Teams' page can now be found. Our Signoff module will soon assist you with your annual compliance to obtain contractor staff details like signatures, names and accreditations (e.g. the AFSS for NSW customers).

  • When contractors or staff create "technicians" to assign to subcontracted tasks, the Contractor permission group is now automatically assigned to those created accounts.

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