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The Service Quoting extension allows you to create a quote for maintenance work for a existing properties and clients as well as those not yet in the Uptick system. The benefits of using this module are not only the online approval process reducing lost information and paperwork, but also your ability to add maintenance contracts and repair work to that one quote which, once approved, automatically adds all that information into your system automatically, streamlining processes and reducing double handling.


Email Uptick's support desk to enable service quoting on your server. If the user has the correct permissions applied, you can find the Service Quoting module in the navigation bar.


How to use

Service quotes have the capability to have both repairs and/or programme maintenance included in the quote.

Creating a new service quote

Either from the side menu click Service Quotes > Create Service Quote. You'll be taken to a setup page to provide initial details. See below for an outline of the fields you can fill out on this page.


Quote reference number (automatically generated and sequenced by Uptick)


Provide a description for the Service Quote here.


Choose the service quote template to be used. The default template will be automatically be selected unless manually changed.

Review Date

Provide a date for the Service Quote to be reviewed.

Expiry Date

Expiry date of the Service Quote.


This field can be used project quotes where you need to assign a supervisor.


Change the author of the quote if required. This field only appears once the Quote has been made - click Update when viewing the quote to make changes.


Select from a list of Service Quote tags.

Scope of Works

Outline the works to be done. Can be populated with pre-made text snippets.

Terms and Conditions

Provide any conditions and disclaimers for the quote. Text snippets can also be used here. Can be populated with pre-made text snippets.

Internal Note

Provide any notes related to the quote that are only visible to staff.

Property (required)

Link to existing property

Search and select an already existing property.

OR Describe new property

Define a new property. The new property will be created in Uptick once the Service Quote status is changed to Complete.

Client (required)

Link to existing client

Search and select an already existing client.

OR Describe new client

Define a new client. The new client will be created in Uptick once the Service Quote status is changed to Complete.

Quoting services and works


Once the draft Service Quote has been created, on the next page you can quote services and works as pictured in the screenshot above. You will also be presented with totals under the under the quoted items, including a summary of material and labour costs.

The table below outlines how these Required work, Included fixed routines and Included Do and Charge routines sections are used:

Note: Total price on the published quote will factor out superseded routines where applicable.

Required work

Works to be performed are added to the quote such as installations, repairs, call-out fees etc. by way of adding the appropriate products.

Note: Double-click the sell in the markup column to adjust the margin and update sell price accordingly


Included fixed routines*

Add routine services to the quote that are to be billed a fixed amount over a specified billing period, quoted by the annual price.

Included Do and Charge routines*

Add routine services to the quote that are either per visit or per asset when routine services are performed. The Unit Price is the price per asset and the Site Price is the price per visit.

*Unlike Property/Client/Task details, the Billing Contracts will not be set up automatically upon quote approval. These will need to set up after the fact if the client approves the quote. You can learn more by reading our article on Billing Contracts.



The example above shows you a service quote for a new property not yet in the system, with the client already in the Uptick system. Once you've finalised and sent this quote to your client, your client has approved it online, and you change the quote to a Completed status, not only will that new property automatically create in your system, it will also attach those maintenance contracts to that property and create a repair task for those items.

Note: The property created from a service quote will be in the SETUP status by default. You will need to manually update the status of the property to ACTIVE for full functionality with all of Uptick's features

Service Quotes can be created for any combination of quote i.e. a new client, old client, new property, old property.

  1. Go out to site and do your initial checks to build the quote. This is not generally done in the Uptick system as this process isn't accessible via the Uptick App, but your managers and technicians can create and fill out a quote via the Web, through their devices if they wish.

  2. Create a service quote in the system by going to your Service Quote list and clicking 'Create Service Quote'. Follow the prompts and fill in the quote.

  3. Once your Service Quote is finalised, use the status change dropdown, to electronically submit this quote to your client via the Uptick system. Alternatively, click 'Send to Client'. Clicking the Send to Client button will allow you to edit the recipients and body of the email before the email is sent.


4. Once the recipient receives and opens the link to their electronic service quote, they can approve the quote via this interface:


5. Once the quote is Approved, change the Service Quote into a Completed status.


Changing a service quote into a COMPLETE status initiates the system to:

  • Create the client if it doesn't exist in the system yet.

  • Create the property if it doesn't exist in the system yet.

  • Adds those 'Included Services' to the property automatically.

  • Creates a repair task with the 'Required Work' products attached to that task.

Uptick provides a default quote template that displays your annual and setup costs to your clients, however, this can be customised at a cost. Please contact our support team for more information.

FAQ on service quoting:

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