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Everything about Text Snippets
Everything about Text Snippets
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You've heard the word text snippets being thrown around and you're wondering, what are they and how can they help me?

Text Snippets are the ability to have blocks of text saved, so you can just insert them into sections of your defect quotes and service quotes with ease, as highlighted below. Snippets can go beyond simple text by using Markdown formatting. You can check out our article on styling in uptick text boxes to learn more.


How to create a text snippet

  1. Head to control panel.

  2. Click templates.

  3. Click the text snippet tab.

  4. Create snippet via clicking create (if editing, click edit).

  5. Type in the text you'd like to display, a name and a key.
    โ€‹Note: The key must be in lowercase without spaces. Use underscores in place of spaces.


A video on this below.

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