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The system has the ability to add tags to many different modules including:

  • Service Quotes

  • Defect Quotes

  • Tasks

  • Properties

  • Asset types

  • Assets

  • Contractors

  • Clients

Setting up tags

  1. All the different tags can be setup via the 'Control Panel'.

  2. Select the relevant module, then create tag.

  3. Name the tag and list a description for what it'll be used for if applicable.

  4. Save.

Tagging items

  1. Navigate to the item you'd like to tag.

  2. Select Update

  3. In the tags field, apply the tag.

Note: The tag will only be applicable in the module you've added it to. For example, if you've added a property tag called "Electrical reset required" and you are on a task, it will not come up on the task, only a property.

Did you know: You can use tags to help with template creation and flexibility? An example of this could be certain information being present on the template ONLY if you apply the "display terms and conditions" tag, or something similar.

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