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News and updates about Uptick's August 2023 release

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The Uptick release for August brings improvements to the appointment scheduler and the purchase order process

Changes and Improvements

Appointment Scheduler

  • The appointment scheduler is faster.

  • We've fixed some issues with non-task event colours, clicking back on your browser and forecasted appointments. We've also fixed it so you can drag an appointment next to another appointment to quickly dictate its start time.

  • When sending appointment notifications, we now filter out cancelled appointments. You also can filter the list by property access schedule and bulk change the appointment category once client notifications have been sent.

Purchase Orders

  • For each supplier, you can now override who receives purchase orders in Uptick, allowing you to set the correct contact. Simply click 'Update' on a supplier or use the importer to add this information in bulk

  • Purchase orders have a new ‘Partially Received’ status, making it easier to understand which suppliers require follow-up.

  • The ‘Invoiced received/Billed’ status has been renamed to ‘Fully Billed’.

  • We’ve added a bunch of filters to the purchase order and task list

    • An ‘All goods received’ filter has been added to the purchase order list, task list and scheduler, allowing staff to find tasks that have received all their stock.

    • An 'All purchase orders fully billed' filter has been added to the task list, enabling accounts to find tasks ready to invoice, with or without a PO.

  • An issue has been fixed where partially billed purchase orders were getting marked as PAID via the accounting partner sync.

  • To help managers understand costs, it's now required to set products when creating purchase orders. We suggest some sort of 'Sundry' product where something isn't stocked or known.

  • You can no longer add more stock to a docket than committed to, making sure the purchase order remains the source of truth.

Other quality-of-life improvements have been made around the system, the most notable being:

  • Billing contract line items can now be duplicated, making it much faster to add multiple prices per routine.

  • We've added a legend to the customer portal’s routine maintenance schedule to stop unnecessary questions. We've also minimised the zoom on all maps to make them easier to read.

  • We now support tracking categories for Sage 50 accounting. You can now also configure your connection to stop the rounding problem when pushing bills and invoices.

  • For our UK customers, it's now possible to upload and change your accreditation logos are the bottom of your reports and forms. Simply go to Control Panel > Document Templates

  • Staff can no longer approve their own timesheets or allowances.

  • When using choice custom field filters anywhere in the system, the “IS NOT’ option now includes things that don’t have that field set.

  • We removed the incomplete required actions from stopping staff dispatching.

  • We've made the drag-and-drop section bigger when uploading documents anywhere in the system.

  • For our customers who use the Contractor Audit, we've added the audit date to the service record list on asset detail for easier troubleshooting.

  • The estimated duration column on the task list is now formatted nicer by displaying hours.

  • Inactive routine level types no longer show on the Manager Routine Services page on a property or when creating service quotes.

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