June 2023 - Website Release

News and updates about Uptick's June 2023 release

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The Uptick release for June also brings with it the removal of the old appointment scheduler, and several changes and improvements to purchase orders and reports.

Changes and Improvements


  • Based on the feedback received over the last few months, we are retiring the legacy appointment scheduler.

Purchase orders

  • It's now easier to filter for purchase orders requiring action (approval, invoicing, scheduling) and understand costs yet to be incurred.

    • Subtotal filter

    • Submitted By filter (Submitted for approval)

    • Task Office Assignee filter

    • Has Docket Yes/No filter

    • Costs are yet to be incurred is downloadable

  • We've started tracking delivery docket creation in the purchase order timeline

  • Track KPIs using the Delivery Date Before/After filters and Last Delivery Date column

Other smaller improvements

  • It's now possible to invite multiple clients to the customer portal at once

  • You can now see who approved an employee allowance and when

  • Uptick is now better equipped for generating very large reports. If you've ever experienced a problem downloading a large report, this should now be made possible. As a result, all customers will experience a slightly different view when previewing reports before creating them

  • We've fixed custom task statuses not showing up in certain areas of the system

  • It's much easier to see all your prompt questions when editing a prompt set as columns are now pre-expanded and wider by default

  • Our importer lists are now alphabetical making easier to find the data you are trying to import.

  • A billing contract's annual value now takes superseding routines into consideration when levels are split over multiple billing contract line items

  • In the contractor portal, we've fixed the assignment email not being sent if the contractor assigns their own technicians in bulk.

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