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The Rectifications module allows your clients to submit rectification reports through the Customer Portal against non-compliant items on their property, and include any required information such as photos or receipts in order to rectify the defects in the system. This reduces lost information, back and forth emails, and adds an element of transparency with you and your client.


Once enabled by us and permissions are applied, you can find the Rectification dashboard in Tools > Rectifications

How to use

Client side

  1. Once you, as a client, has logged into your Customer Portal, click Search defects under the Your Defects panel.

  2. View the defect, then click the Submit a Rectification button.

  3. Provide details, upload supporting documentation then click Submit.

Staff side

1. Once a client has submitted a rectification you, as a staff member, go to your rectification dashboard which lists all the rectifications your clients have submitted (Tools > Rectifications).

2. Click the rectification you wish to review.

3. Approve or Decline that rectification.

Approving a rectification will resolve the remark/s and change the compliance of the asset to Pass if that is the only active remark on that asset.

Rejecting a rectification will bring up a text box where you can provide reasons why the rectification was rejected, then click Reject Rectification. This can be seen by the client when they view the rejected rectification claim.

Remark status

Remarks for which a rectification has been submitted will have the status of Resolved (Pending), becoming Resolved once the rectification is approved. See more on our article for understanding remarks for a detailed description of all remark statuses.

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