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How to complete a non-contracted service via the iOS app
How to complete a non-contracted service via the iOS app
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Completing major servicing in the field app can be done in two different ways, either pre-quoted, or onsite if you have approval.

Major servicing, approved via major servicing dashboard

  1. Open the task in the app that has been created via the office

  2. Click on the repairs tab

  3. There should be products of what you need to replace, linked to the relevant asset which you can review if required

  4. Perform the product as you complete the repair/major service

  5. Change the base date of the asset if required (eg. for extinguishers)

  6. Save


Major servicing with onsite approval

This is for when you have approval to replace assets or fix defects onsite immediately without providing a defect quote first.

  1. Add a remark against the asset, which is setup for replace now

  2. You can click "replace now" whist onsite when adding the remark, which will automatically add the product required, as explained in this replace now article

  3. This will add the product automatically for you to be invoiced and resolve the remark.

Note: Use a special report type such as our repair report or before and after report or get your service report customised to show resolved remarks on the report.

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