The Equipment/Key Register
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The Key Register extension allows the management of loaning and returning keys, fobs and entry cards for your company. Uptick takes notes of when they were checked out and by who so you can audit access, follow up missing keys, and provide your clients peace of mind that their keys are safe and managed properly.

The simple functionally of this module can also be used for any loaned equipment such as drills and other supplies if desired.



Once enabled by us and permissions are applied, you can find the Key Register in Tools > Keys and Equipment. This module is managed by the office only.

Use the importer tool (contact support for help) to bulk add all your keys and equipment or add them manually, one by one by clicking Create new key. Add the Name, Description and optionally attach a property when creating your keys.

How to loan/return a key

1. Use the filters on this page to find the keys you are wanting to loan or return.

2. Bulk select all the keys you've filtered for by clicking the checkbox below.

3. Click Edit Keys

4. Select Loan or Return, search for the technician and 'Apply Changes'.


View each key to find out more about each key's loan history and notes about that key.

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