Uptick gives you the ability to assign contractors to any type of work, allowing them to add and resolve remarks, upload documents, perform assets, and more. This process will update your data simultaneously and track tasks throughout the process, which not only gives you better insights as to how your subcontracted work is going but also reduces double handling and cuts down your processing time and costs


Creating or updating a contractor

  1. Click on People > Contractors > Create Contractor.

  2. Fill out the fields - see below the image for an outline of each field:


Create Contractor

Contact Details

Active = Current or archived contractor

Contact mobile = Main contact's mobile

Starred = Saved at the top of the list as a commonly used resource

Contact BH = Main contact's business hours phone

Email = Main email address

Contact AH = Main contact's after-hours phone

Login account = If you already have a login for them, search for it here.

Contact fax = Main contact's fax number

Primary contact = Main contact person

Address = Company location

Category = Configurable options for grouping Contractors at a broad level. Categories can be configured in Control Panel > Contractors.

E-mail CC = Additional contact's email addresses

Tags = Configurable options for grouping Contractors at a more granular level. Contractor tags can be created in Control Panel > Contractors

Skill = Configurable options for grouping Contractors based on services provided. Skills can be configured in Control Panel > Contractors.

Service areas = Configurable locations serviced. These are set by postcodes. Service areas can be configured in Control Panel > Contractors.

Zones = Assign the Contractor to a Zone

Supplier = Link the Contractor to a Supplier
Note: This is a mandatory field and will be used when raising a PO for subcontracted work.

Notes = Basic comments about the contractor

Being thorough when providing contractor details helps to avoid any communication pitfalls and overheads that may occur.

3. When all the details have been filled out, click Save contractor.

If at any time these details need to change, simply view the contractor listed in People > Contractors and click on Update in the upper right corner of the (contractor name) section.

Automatically assigning I&T work

If you are on Routines:

Step 1: Go to the Routines tab of the property you want to assign your contractors to and click manage routine services.

Step 2: Next to the routine, click actions > edit and add your contractor into the subcontractor field, then click save.


Assigning Repair and Callout work

Option 1: On your Task list, you have a bulk edit function that allows you to bulk assign contractors to tasks. This will send the contractor one email per task assignment - this email is completely customisable, just ask the support staff.

Option 2: Individually View each task on your task list and clicking Assign Contractor. The popup that results from clicking this button allows you to do in-depth filtering of contractors to help find the right contractor for the job. This will also send the contractor one email per task assignment - this email is completely customisable, just ask the support staff.


How to use (staff side)

Your task list is where all your subcontracted and non-subcontracted work will sit. For subcontracted tasks you have two filters on this page that can help you keep track of these tasks:

Filter 1: Subcontracted - This filter allows you to choose Yes or No, if you want to see all your subcontracted tasks, you will apply Subcontracted = Yes.

Filter 2: Subcontractor - When applied, this filter will allow you to choose a contractor, once you select a contractor, all that contractor's tasks will appear.

A subcontracted task looks the same as every other task, except for the contractor's name and some extra buttons appearing near the access notes.


REMIND will send a reminder to the contractor, PORTAL will take you to contractor's restricted view of this task, CHANGE will allow you to change the contractor assigned to this task and CHAT will allow you to send messages back and forth with your contractor. The contractor will receive an email every time you send a message and either you will receive the email if you are assigned as the Office Assignee of this task or your company notifications email will if the contractor sends one back.

Notifications email is set up by your company and will generally be your company's service email.

What information contractors can see on a task:

Task ID, Name, Description, Scope of Works, Due date, Approval Limit, Contractor Notes and Property Address, Reference, Access Details, Service Requirements, Safety Requirements and Property contacts that are ticked as public.

Uploading documents for your contractors: If you would like to upload documents to tasks for your contractors to see, simply go to the Documents tab of each task, create a folder called subcontractor and upload any documents you'd like them to see here.

Contractors can also see any dynamic, digital forms that are attached to the task, as well as any action checklists you have set up to be checked off. They will need to complete these if they are ticked as being required. To read more about digital forms and checklist, visit here.

Contractors can also see the purchase order number and subtotal of any purchase orders that may be sent to that contractor on that task.

Processing tasks

A task will remain in a READY status until the contractor has logged onto their portal and started processing the task. The task can move into the following statuses while your contractor processes the task:

Scheduled: Contractor has accepted the task and may have optionally added a scheduled for date. The scheduled date will appear in the Scheduled At column of your task list.

Rejected: Contractor has rejected this task and has added a reason why in the task timeline.

In Progress: Task is being worked on currently.

Revisit: Task has to be revisited. Optional notes have possibly been added to task timeline.

Contractor Review: Task has been completed by their technicians, final uploads just need to be completed by their office.

Office Review: Task has been finalised and completed by contractor and is ready to be completed by you.

Once in Office Review, at a minimum, your contractors will have left reports, invoices, signatures and other documents in the task's Documents tab. Staff will generally now manually update assets, create a service report and dispatch task from here.

If you've made an agreement for your contractors to update all assets on the task, then the Work tab of the task should also be filled with data i.e all service tasks should have a performed date, compliance result and remarks should be created, verified or resolved with photos attached if applicable. This updated data will now make it really easy to create quotes, service reports and invoices from this task which will cut out lots of office time.

Any notes or messages they have left will be in Contractor Notes on the task details page or in the Chat messages.

How to use (Contractor side)

All contractors will receive an email as soon as they are assigned a task. The email will contain a link to their portal and some information about the task/s assigned - more or less information can be added depending on how you customise your email.

The next section of this help article will be talking as if you were the contractor.

Step 1: Once logged in, you will see your dashboard filled with tasks that have been assigned to you by this client. You can use the filters and columns to find the tasks you are looking for.

You have 2 options when opening each individual task, either as a Tech or as Desk.

When viewing a task in the upper left corner is a brief summary of task details, including the property address, due and scheduled dates, purchase order raised for subcontracted work and access details.


Desk View:

This view is used by people that want to process the whole task, start to finish. This view is often used by office staff on a computer so they can cleanly perform the task and upload all the required invoices and documents without moving away from the page.

Step 1: Mark this task as Accepted or Rejected (optional step).

If you are accepting the task, you have two things you can fill out:

1. You can add a date in which you are aiming to perform this task so your client is kept aware

2. You can assign your technicians to this task. Read Contractors Assigning their own Technicians below for more.


Step 2: If you plan to do the works on this task and hence have not assigned a technician to this task, then your next step is to start the works - click into every service task if there are any here to complete and add compliance results and defects, photos and the like as required.

Any documents provided by your client will live in the Documents provided by client section.

If you would like to Chat with your client, use the Messages section to do so. This will send an email to them. If they send a message back you will see it here and also receive an email.

Step 3: Once the work has been done, click the Complete Task button to finalise the task. This button will open an area that allows you to upload documents for your reports, invoices or quotes, add or edit the actual date you were onsite and mark the task as completed for your client to start processing.


Each task will finish in a PERFORMED status and will be ready for your client's review.

NOTE: Contractors will still be able to view these tasks and the documents attached to these tasks after the task is archived in your system. This will allow them to keep track of the work they have done if they need to reference later.

Contractors assigning their own technicians

Contractors can assign their own technicians to tasks which will help them manage their workload. Their technicians don't need logins, they instead get special emails that mean they don't need a password or login, just access to that email.

To assign a technician, contractors can either go into the Desk view of each task, click Accept and add or pick the technician they want to assign, or they can use the bulk edit on the task list to bulk assign the work to technicians. Missing accreditation requirements will be flagged next to the technician's name to assist the contractor in assigning the right technician. This bulk assignment will send the tech one email explaining that they have tasks assigned to them and to click the link to access them. This bulk edit also allows contractors to bulk assign a Scheduled Date to the tasks to let you know when they plan to go to site.


This will help contractors who get assigned hundreds of tasks a month.

This process is where the Tech view of the task comes into play. The Technician View can be used by anyone, however, it's the only view that your assigned technicians can use as it's more restrictive in what can be seen and updated on the task.

Once assigned, your technicians would have received an email with a special link that, when clicked, will automatically log them in (they don't need your login details) which will only show them tasks that they are assigned to.

You are able to keep track of which tasks are assigned to which technician and what stage of the process they are in, by going to your dashboard and making sure the Technician and Status column is exposed - the status will change as your technicians perform their work.


Technician View

Step 1: All the information for this task is available on this view, documents uploaded by your client can be found in Documents and all chats can be had in Chat Messages.

Technicians start by clicking I'm on Site - this will change the status to In Progress.

If a task is In Progress, a Revisit Required option is available to them and will change the task into a REVISIT status.


Step 2: Do the work - click into every service task if there are any here to complete and add compliance results and defects, photos and the like where required.

Step 3: Once all service tasks have been performed, click I've performed this work. This will allow them to add any notes, and electronically sign the task. There is an optional section to get the client's signature also. Once this button is clicked, the task status will change to 'Performed (Need docs)' which will tell you, as office staff, that the final documents need to be uploaded so the task can be completed and ready for your client's processing.

Setting contractor authorisation limits

Check out our FAQ on setting a contractor authorisation limit.

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