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October 2019 - Website Release
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Release Date: 17th of October


  • You can now set up Automatic Reminders for Defect Quotes


  • 2019 AESMR is now available - contact us for the setup.

  • Dynamic (electronic) forms can now be sent by the office via a dispatch.

  • The Inspected date of a task is now editable when a subcontractor is assigned.

  • The remark popup on a defect quote now has clickable, enlargeable photos.

  • You will now able to see how many documents are uploaded on a defect quote without opening the popup.

  • The layout of viewing a Contractor's profile has changed and contractors now have a 'Contacts' and 'Portal' tab.

Subcontracted Tasks:

  • Contractors can now save Favourites on their Contractor dashboard and see the Task's Category.

  • Contractors now have the ability to electronically sign a task which works the same as if a technician has done so via the app. The signature field will be on the 'Complete' popup.

  • Contractors can now fill out dynamic forms on their assigned tasks. They can also see any previously filled out forms on that task. 'Required' forms stop contractors from servicing assets. Contractors will not be able to send these forms straight to the client as technicians can do.

  • Contractors now have a 'notes' field where they can fill out notes about the task.


1. Automatic Reminders

When you create a Defect Quote, you can now set the number of days until the reminder is automatically sent. You can also set up a default number of days to appear on every quote going forward in Tools > Site Configuration > Settings > Quoting.


We are also looking into allowing users to block certain clients from getting reminders for defect quotes in a future release.

2. Editable Inspected Date

Making the Inspected date editable when a subcontractor is assigned is to help with those contractors who inspect tasks late. Tasks that are not subcontracted should still be inforcing their technicians to set this date.


3. Contractor Profile

You are now able to add 'Technicians' to the 'Contacts' tab of a Contractor's profile. The styling of this page as also changed slightly. The 'Portal' tab gives you a snap view of what that contractors see when they log in.


In a future release, your contractors will have the option to assign one of these 'Technicians' to every task assigned to them for their own internal processes. This will help your contractors to assign work when they only have one login to their portal. More information to come in next month's release notes.

4. Subcontracted Tasks

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