April 2019 - Website Release
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  • IMPORTANT: Login accounts can now be restricted to certain parts of the product (app or office). Please see below for more information.

  • Subcontracted tasks will now show property contacts that have been made 'public'. This will be a checkbox that needs to be ticked beside each property contact you want seen by the subcontractor.

  • Sending upcoming Appointment notifications to clients is now available.

  • Ability to add adhoc appointments like Leave to the Scheduler is now possible. These appointments are integrated with the Timesheet module.


  • Service Quote Revamp - status changes are now more in line with defect quoting, service quote tags are now available, you can now add snippets to the Description field and you can also now geolocate a properties address before Completing the quote.

  • Sell price has been added to the product list

  • Resource allocator now maps a colour to each technician

  • Ability to download Defect Quote PDFs on the portal

  • Routine property schedule block can now go back 5 years

  • Timelines all now initially load 20 events.

  • Many new filters and columns are now available

  • 'Mark as Completed' button has been removed as the task's status is now easily changed via the status drop down.

  • Creating accounts for clients and contractors, can now be found near the update profile button:



1. Licenses

This release adds a "license" field to each account which will allow you to restrict accounts to certain parts of the product more easily than the current permission system. Accounts with a 'Field' license will only have access the mobile app, accounts with a 'Customer' license will only have access to the customer portal, accounts with a 'Contractor' license will only have access to the contractor portal, and accounts with a 'Desk' license will have access to all areas of the product. These restrictions will be rolling out gradually over the next release or two. Default licenses have been set for all of your users already. Please review these by the May release when they'll start kicking into effect.


To help you understand how accounts are used, when viewing an account, you can now see a record of which days that account accessed the product.


The license manager (Account > License Manager) has also had a visual overhaul showing owners (has a desk license and is in the owner permission group) a summary of product usage by office staff, field technicians, customers and subcontractors.


To simplify account administration, Uptick will no longer count staff accounts that are only used occasionally (used only several times per month) against your subscription agreement, allowing you to have accounts for business owners, sales team, or accounts departments without worrying about additional license fees.

2. Making property contacts public


3. Upcoming Appointment Notifications

Client notifications can only be used if you have appointments set on tasks.


The email that is sent to your clients is completely customisable by editing your 'Appointment Scheduled Email' in your email templates. Chat to support if you need a hand.


Default Email template:


4. Adhoc Appointments

Adding more appointment types like training and office time can be done in the Tools > Site Configuration > Timesheet page. Further functionality to come in later releases.


5. Resource Allocation Colours

Each technician will now represent a colour on the resource allocator to help staff allocate work where a certain technician is working.

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