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  • Subcontracted tasks now have a new Messaging feature that allows contractors and office staff to message easily. This will replace the public timeline function.

  • An Approval Limit field has been added on a task which subcontractors can view.

  • The Service Quoting module has been improved for customers using Routines - you will now be able to add routines to a service quote. Contact us to add to your Service Quote template.

  • A bSecure tab has been added to properties for customers using bSecure. This tab will show the public view on this property's bSecure sticker.


  • For customers who have set up electronic forms, third parties or technicians can now dynamically sign forms. Contact us to make form changes.

  • [Xero accounting only] Better support of Xero's tracking categories. You can now track per branch as well as per product. Get in contact to find out more.

  • The task's dispatch page will now more visibly alert you if you have billing requirements.

  • Heaps of new filters, columns and CSV additions visible.

  • Manually creating invoice line items will now default to quantity 1 instead of 0.

  • Service quote information can now be added to your Customer Portal's Monthly Report template.

  • You can now revalidate an address after it's already been validated.


1. Subcontracted tasks

Messaging feature

The messaging feature is within the contractor's view of the task. When a message is sent from either party, the other party will receive a quick email telling them what the message was.


Important: If a contractor messages your company, the email will be sent to the task's assigned Office Assignee. If the task doesn't have an Office Assignee assigned, then it will send to the standard notifications email you have set up on your system.

Timelines are no longer exposed to the contractor.

Contractor Approval Limit

This is a new field called 'Contractor Approval Limit' which, if filled out, will be exposed to the contractor assigned to that task. The limit will also be shown on the task view page, underneath the client approved Authorisation Limit.


2. Service Quoting for Routines

We have built the ability to add Routines to the Service Quoting module. If the Service Quote is Approved and in turn, put into a Completed status, the Routines you've added to the quote will automatically add themselves to the attached property. The Start Date of those routines will be the Approval date of the Service Quote.

We have split the Routines section of the Service Quote into two tables - Do and Charge and Fixed.


Fixed will give you the ability to calculate an annual total, whereas the Do and Charge table will allow the ability to show a per site and/or a per asset cost on your Service Quote PDF.

The table split will allow us to also automatically create and populate billing contracts on the property later down the track if we see a large use of these sections.

3. Task Dispatch page

If you have billing requirements on your property or client and you have selected an invoice to send, we will now alert you when dispatching straight from a task.

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