November 2019 - Website Release
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Featured Improvements

  • Defect Quotes - recurring automatic reminders, mandatory expiry date

  • Subcontracted Tasks overhaul

  • More Asset details on Customer Portal

  • Chat Messages for Signoffs


Defect Quoting

Taking on feedback we received for Automated Defect Quote reminders, we've revised this feature, enabling recurring quote reminders whilst streamlining notifications your customers receive, as well as reducing the setup overhead per quote.

  • Your Clients now periodically receive summary emails, listing all SUBMITTED Quotes they have yet to respond on. The frequency of these emails can be configured in site config (defaults to fortnightly), and can be disabled altogether, or on a per-Client basis. The email will show each Quote's Property, reference number and online approval link. Please contact us to customise the email layout.
    NOTE: Any existing Defect Quote reminders you had already set up with the previous iteration of this feature will still go out, but you will not be able to set it up on any new quotes.

  • Expiry date must now always be set on Defect Quotes. Once this date is reached, the Quote will automatically change to a new EXPIRED status. The default expiry window is 90 days, which can be changed in site config.
    NOTE: EXPIRED Quotes can be reverted to DRAFT and merged into other Quotes. They will show on the Customer Portal and remarks on these Quotes will appear in the Quote Builder on other DRAFT Quotes.

  • The Defect Quote approval page (the one your Clients see after following the approval link) has been adjusted to increase clarity around how to authorise the payment.

  • When you create a Defect Quote from a Task, you'll now be greeted with a create Quote page before the Quote is actually created.

Subcontracted Tasks

We've taken strides in improving the experience around our Subcontracted Task workflow, especially catering to large Subcontracting companies with multiple techs, as well as improving the mobile experience.
​See here for a whole article about our Subcontracted Tasks module covering all the changes. Brief summary below.

  • We've added a new 'Assign Contractor' option that makes it easier to filter for the Contractor you're after.

  • You and your Contractors can now add 'Contacts' against Contractor profiles, allowing multiple user login accounts to be associated with individual Contractors. These contacts can then be assigned to Tasks by your Contractor.

  • Tasks completed by the Contractor will now go into OFFICE REVIEW, and your Contractors can now also use the IN PROGRESS status.

  • Your Contractor can now see the property's Service and Safety Requirements.

  • The Subcontracted Task page has been revamped. It now has two viewing modes: Office and Tech. The office view is aimed at your Contractor's office users, where they can assign a tech (Contractor Contact), as well as perform various pre- and post- Task admin. This view will be like the one they are already familiar with. The tech view is targeted at the people actually carrying out the work.


Customer Portal

  • The old Client Portal has now officially been removed.

  • Clients can now view each Asset to get an insight into more details about it - any active remarks, photos and service history.

  • Adjusted percentage rounding on compliance graphs to avoid showing 100% compliance when compliance was above 99%.

  • Clients can now filter for resolved Remarks.


  • You can now chat and leave notes for your Contractors. If you leave a message, the Contractor will see it both in the chat, and receive an email about it. If they send one back, you'll also see that in the chat, as well as receiving an email at your Signoff approvals email address.


Other Changes

  • The Task edit page has had some fields moved around. We now also have advanced SLA options, contact us if you are interested.

  • Our MYOB invoice sync had been sloppy in the past, as there was no way for us to accurately tell which Invoices had been recently updated in your accounting system. As of MYOB's AccountRight version 2019.3, syncs will run much more accurately. Upgrade your MYOB version to take advantage of this. This version also fixes a bug in their software around automatic Invoice numbering that a number of our customers were experiencing. All the more reason to upgrade!

  • We've consolidated all of our date filters and fields to use something cleverer. This means typing in the date or picking from the calendar is now much more intuitive throughout the system.

  • CREDIT Invoices are now considered in Task Profitability.

  • 'View Portal' button on Contractors is now in the 'Portal' tab of their profile.

  • Notes for non-Task events (such as Meetings and Leave) now show on the Scheduler blocks.

  • As an added security measure, we now lock out users who enter their password incorrectly 7 times in a row. They'll need to have their password reset to get back into the system.

  • We have removed the "can affect compliance" field from Asset Types as it is no longer relevant after our recent changes to showing "highest remark severity".

  • The revenue summary on Client, Client Group and the Sales Intelligence page now cater for Billing Contracts.

  • New filters, columns and bulk edits:

    • Remarks page:

      • Bulk edit to resolve remarks and change severity.

    • Reports tab on Property:

      • Task description was added as a column to help find certain service reports via this tab.

      • Columns re-spaced to better present data.

    • Intelligence Profitability page:

      • Can now filter on Rounds.

    • Appointments page (where you send reminders off to clients):

      • Filter for Technician and Service group was added.

      • Reminder email has been simplified to use the same email template for both Clients and Property Contacts.

  • [Coming later this month] A revamp to Correspondence email lists, including:

    • Email attachment links being clickable so they can be previewed in a popup.

    • Left navigation pane to be independently scrollable and include icons that indicate which emails have PDFs attached.

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