September 2019 - Website Release
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Release Date: 19th of September


  • Reports and Invoices can now be dispatched from a task without a property.

  • Two new product types are available - Subcontracted and Expenses.

  • You can now set colour coded Categories on Appointments.

  • Upcoming Recurring Appointments can now be previewed in the Appointment Scheduler.

  • Property compliance (Pass or Fail) has been removed from Uptick and replaced with a 'highest severity rating'.


  • The details section on a Defect Quote has been improved.

  • Task dispatch preview page has been revamped.

  • Multiple customised email templates can now be built for sending upcoming appointment notifications to clients and property contacts. Chat to support for setup.

  • Subcontractors can now resolve remarks and pass assets for repairs. Their asset list will now order in Walk Order if applicable.

  • Sessions are now editable from the Task's Session tab.

  • Property building, access and contact details now show on the Customer Portal.

  • The remark pop-up on a Defect Quote now has enlargeable photos.

  • Sending a welcome email will now be saved to the Client's Correspondence tab.

  • Customer Portal will now not show the "Compliance by Property" graph or bar chart if the client only has one property.

  • The Task Work tab now allows you to update which technician completed each item of work.

  • Non-Task events can now be made inactive and different colours can now be selected from the configuration page.

  • 'Send via Email' and 'Send via Mail' checkboxes has been removed from the client. If 'Send via Email' was switched OFF, your client will now be set to 'Manual', which will stop the dispatch from sending like it would have done so before. If 'Send via Mail' was switched ON, your client will now be set to 'Manual' and the text, Send Via Mail will be added to your requirements field on the client.

  • Description and Scope of Works on Service Quotes now works the same way as Defect Quotes. Your Description will now be in the Scope of Works field and your templates have been updated. Contact support and tell us where you'd like the Description field to be added to your templates.

  • Correspondence is now saved on the task when an upcoming appointment reminder is sent to the client.

  • The inactive date column is now not needed when making remarks inactive through the importer.

  • Updated the Site Configuration and Intelligence page to sidebar navigation to make the page easier to browse.
    Updated the Technician Intelligence Dashboard to show more details around where each session was started and stopped.


Defect Quote Details

The details section of your Defect Quote is now more streamlined, with the most important elements being brought to the forefront. Functionality has not been removed, but now as you move through the statues, all functionality will be in the 'Actions' dropdown.


Task Dispatch Page Revamp

Reporting and Billing requirements are now more front-and-centre; all other task and property details have been removed from this page. If your client or property is set to manual billing/reporting, you can now 'ignore' it on each individual dispatch so you can send that dispatch without having to remove the manual setting from the property or client.

If the client and/or property have their requirements field filled in, the panel will be orange. Click the panel to see the requirements.

If manual billing or reporting is set, the panel will be red and will stop the dispatch from sending until you click 'ignore'.


New Product Types Available

When you add a new product, you can now set it up as a 'Subcontracted' or 'Expense' type. Profitability will split these into their own sections so you can evaluate these costs separately.


Appointment Categories

You can now add categories to appointments. These categories will colour code the appointments to help certain appointments stand out or take priority. There are 6 colours to choose from. These categories are just for the office staff to see.

Configure and add new categories by going to Tools > Site Configuration > Appointments.


Forecasted Recurring Appointments

If you have recurring appointments set up on your services, you can now switch on/off the ability to see the appointments that will be created in the future. You'll be able to see which property default technician will be set against that appointment and its task, the estimated duration of that appointment and what services will be performed. Hyperlinks to the places that let you edit those details will be available. A Future Appointment will be dark grey.


Property Compliance > Highest Remark Severity

Property compliance has been completely removed and replaced with the highest severity of remarks you have on that property. This will help you determine which properties require attention.

Filtering on the property list:


And property banner:

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