June 2019 - Website Release
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  • Bulk sending of reminder emails for invoices is now possible in Uptick.

  • A new bSecure tab has been added on your assets for those who use bSecure. This tab will display a scannable QR code which will direct you to the online portal your client sees when they scan the sticker.

  • The Scheduler now allows you to see a map of all your unscheduled or scheduled tasks. See below for more information.


  • Customer Portal Improvements - The compliance graphs are now filterable for Asset Type tags and the Critical Defects tile will now display all other severities.

  • Billing Contract improvements (routines only) - You can now type in the date field so it's easier to move through many months, a product is now required for all visible lineitems and some other minor changes.

  • If a property changes client, that client can now access all those property's historical reports via the customer portal.

  • The Rectifications module now has a newer list view


1. Scheduler Map

You can now highlight a suburb of tasks on your map which will filter your task list and help you assign your technician the best route for that day. This is the first step towards a full technician routing system that will help you assign Maintenance and Repair task appointments to your technicians in the best possible way.


2. Bulk Sending Reminder Invoices

You can now bulk send reminder emails for overdue invoices via your invoice list. This will mainly help Myob customers given they have no ability to bulk send reminders in Myob.


3. Customer Portal Improvements

a) You can now filter by Asset Type tags on the home page of the Customer Portal. This will allow you and your clients to group your asset types and view their compliance per that grouping. Groupings can include: Doors, E&E, Egress, BH&S, Portable etc.


b) Currently, all reported Critical Defects will appear in a Red tile.

Now, when you don't have any Critical Defects, you'll see the total count of Non-critical and Non-Conformance. The colour of the tile will be Orange if that client has any Non-critical remarks and Yellow if they only have Non-conformance's:


If you have no defects, only Recommendations or Informational remarks, the tile will be Green:

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