February 2019 - Website Release
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You may encounter minor styling changes this release due to a required package upgrade to our system. Example changes might include buttons moving slightly or small colour changes. If you find any of these stylistic changes have an adverse impact on your workflow please contact us.


  • Child/Parent Tasks: You are now able to archive child tasks via the parent task dispatch. Defect quotes now also pull to the parent task.

  • Maintenance Dashboard: A CSV download is now possible from the Maintenance Dashboard. Filters to come.

Customer Portal

  • Task list: Clients can now click on the 'Tasks' tile on their customer portal which takes them to a broad overview of the current and previous maintenance, repair and callout tasks. Each task will show all linked quotes, reports and eventually logbooks.

  • Downloadable Defect Quotes: Clients will now be able to download PDFs of Defect Quotes.

  • Maintenance Schedule block: Clients can now see a basic overview of each properties maintenance schedule for the year. Customers on Routines will be receiving something similar next month.


  • We have changed the way you pick your dates and times when creating appointments.

  • Routine Maintenance Invoices: Uptick will now group products on invoices better.

  • Timeline movement: Timelines will now appear near the top, right of a page so important notes can be seen more easily.

  • Improvements have been made around linking invoices to your accounting partner.

  • Appointment block now shows Task ID.

  • Certification date column can be sorted by ascending order on the task list.

  • Appointment tab on a property is now a button in the Task tab of a property.

  • Dispatch tab on a property is gone, main dispatch page should now be used for looking back on dispatch records.


1. New Task List on Customer Portal (Not the old Client Portal).


List of routine maintenance, repair and callout tasks


Viewing a task


2. Maintenance Schedule Block (Only if you are using Services, not Routines)

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