March 2019 - Website Release
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  • Accreditations module revamp (Enterprise customers only): The Accreditations module will now allow you to filter and download your accreditations, as well as allowing you to add documents against each accreditation.

  • Task Status transition change: When you change the status of a task via the web, you were required to go to the edit page of the task, now you can click on the status and transition it like you would for a Defect Quote or Purchase Order. App users and the bulk edit function on the task list will not be affected by this change.


  • Customer portal Task List - clients will now only be able to see the following fields: task ID, description, property, due & inspected date, authorisation ref, assigned technician and status. Task status will be grouped into just Scheduled (Not Ready, Ready, Scheduled), In Progress and Completed (Completed).

  • Improved errors when dispatches fail

  • Removed character limit of ESM standard fields (standard of Maintenance, Installation and Performance)

  • Dynamic forms created on tasks will now also display on the property Forms tab.

  • The Signoff module was improved when processing disclaimed signoffs.

  • A technician is now required on an appointment.


Accreditations Module


Task Status

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