August 2019 - Website Release
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  • Remark popup on defect quote.

  • Billing contracts can now be duplicated over multiple sites (Customers on Routines only)


  • Subcontractor messaging can now be seen from the task view page, rather than going into the subcontractor's view.

  • Filter added on the property page to filter for all properties without billing contracts.

  • You can now duplicate non-task events on the scheduler. The event needs to be 'Saved and Submitted', not just Saved for the duplicate function to show in the edit screen.

  • The technician activity intelligence dashboard now only includes non-task events you've added in their calendar i.e. Leave and Toolbox Meetings on the Day View.

  • The Client timeline now tracks which user invited the Client to the portal.

  • You can now add 'number' to accreditations if you use the Accreditations module.

  • Digital Logbooks can now be sent with dispatches. If you want to know more about digital logbooks, please contact us for more information.

  • Data can now be downloaded from Uptick when using Firefox.

  • You'll now be able to see which Task Document files you've added to which dispatch.

  • Customer Portal filter clean up - Invoice Summary now tells you the period it's encompassing, defect quote severity and quote reference columns cleaned up, defect registry now shows which defect quote that remark is sitting on, more filters and columns on the asset list.

  • Customer Portal property page now displays building information, property contacts and access details.


1. Remark Popup on defect quote

To help with costing, all remark information, including photos and internal notes can now be viewed in a pop-up on your defect quote line items.

By clicking on the widget shown below:


A popup will appear with all the needed information about the remark:


2. Billing Contracts Duplication (Customers using Routines only)

This feature was built to help companies handle large volumes of contracts coming through where the billing information was consistent across each site.

This feature allows you to pick a property with the desired billing contract/s on them, and duplicate all those billing contracts to many sites.

For Example:

Use the Has Active Billing Contracts and other filters to find the properties you want to add your billing contracts or contract to:


In the bulk edit, click into the Advanced options (which is hidden by the Can change billing contract permission):


Pick a property and Apply Changes - This will copy all active billing contracts from that property to the selected properties that you've filtered on the property list.


This tool is more for adding billing contracts, but if you need to update many contracts, you can first go to the page with all your system's billing contracts on it, bulk change the original contracts you want to update to 'inactive', and then use this tool to add your new contracts to all those properties.

Further to that, we have added a Timeline to the View page of your billing contracts. This will tell you who has created or updated that contract in the past going forward.

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