February 2021 - Website Release
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Release Date: 18th February

Featured Improvements

  • Our Technician Activity Map now flags when the Task's onsite sessions have exceeded the estimated labour duration on the task they have worked on. This is aimed at helping staff, managers and owners further understand task profits on quote works, regular and reactive maintenance so better decisions can be made when quoting and estimating labour for future maintenance.


Changes and Improvements

  • The Uptick system has been made more robust for offices handling multiple timezones.

  • Contractor Portal will now allow contractors to access their uploaded documents regardless of the age or status of the task.

  • Contractor Portal will now show Task checklists to contractors, not just dynamic forms. Read more about our contractor portal here.

  • Uptick now syncs the deleted status for invoices in Xero going forward so that the linked, Uptick invoice will also show up in a deleted status. This is not available for Myob given Myob actually erases the invoice on deletion, so there is nothing for Uptick to link to.

  • Since December, the Invoice Number and Date are now required for all accounting partners before pushing your Uptick Purchase Order into an Invoice in order to cater for user error. To read more about our Purchase Order integrations, click here.

  • For people using Routines, a billing card can now be added straight on a Fixed Billing Contract which will mean that all fixed billing invoices will use that billing card instead of the one attached to the property or client. This will help customers with clients that have different debitors for reactive and fixed recurring billing.

  • Uptick has added some requested changes to our lists:

    • Asset List (Customer Data > Assets)

      • Installation Date as a column

    • Dynamic Form List (Customer Data > Forms)

      • Hyperlink to Task as a column

      • Submitted Date can now be filtered on

    • Task Work tab Asset List

      • Quantity to CSV download

    • Billing Card List (Billing > Billing Cards)

      • Accounting Organisation as a column

    • Billing Contract List (Billing > Billing Contracts)

      • Property Tag/s to CSV download

      • Property Account Manager to CSV download

      • Property Account Manager as a filter

    • Remark List (Customer Data > Assets > Remarks)

      • Hyperlink to Task that Remark was created on as a column

    • Rounds List (Tasks list > View Rounds > View)

      • Property authorisation ref as column

      • Task authorisation ref as column

    • Quote Builder

      • Remark Search filter was added which will allow you to find certain remarks by their location, description, or label.

Uptick's Digital Logbook Update

  • The following digital Logbooks have had improvements in order to align closer to the AS1851 standards:

    • Monthly Wet Sprinkler

    • Monthly Pumpsets

    • Yearly Alarms

Read more about Uptick's fully digital AS1851 logbooks here.

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