September 2021 - Website Release
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Release Date: 16th September

Featured Improvements

Streamlined purchase order reconciliation

We've made it easier to reconcile purchase orders against bills received from your suppliers. We've improved the interface to capture the details of the received supplier bill, and to record any discrepancies for each line item for easier reconciliation. These improvements also flow through into task profitability giving you better insights into committed vs incurred costs.

Changes and Improvements

  • For customers on routines, all property routines which has had an end date set and those end dates are in the past, will now be made inactive and be removed from the `Manage Routine Services` page automatically, each day. This will make sure properties are no longer cluttered with past routines that aren't relevant to current servicing. To find inactive routines, simply go to Customer Data > Routine Servicing > Routine Services.

  • Filter and column improvements have been made to our WIP and Task Activity Profitability reports in order to further help businesses understand their cash flow and current profit position at any given time. Read our costing and profitability guide for a complete explanation of Uptick's profitability reporting.

  • For customers using our legislative prompt questions for inspections, you now have the ability to do the following:

    • Exclude questions from certain asset variants in order to help your field staff only see what's relevant to that inspection and asset.

    • You can now create two new question types - Choice & Date - which allows your field staff to answer prompt questions with a predefined list of choices or with a date.

    • Use the Order column to help you order your questions easily - dictating the app as well as your service report.


Use our importer to bulk edit or add any new prompt questions that you may now need.

  • Custom fields that have been created for assets and remarks will now display in the Remark popup when defect quoting. This helps customers who rely on custom fields for inputting certain inspection information.

  • You can now create custom fields for your contractors and staff accounts to allow customers to keep more information about these people in Uptick.

  • It's now easier to find the asset location on your task's Work tab as there is a new Location filter that makes it easy to match the starting words of your asset's location, e.g. ‘Building 2’.

  • The ability to bulk import accreditations into the system has now become available to help those who want to hit the ground running with our accreditations feature.

  • On the Billing tab of a property, the Raise Invoice, Create Billing Contract and Configure Pricing buttons have been moved to align with other areas of our system:

  • Uptick now Integrates with Quickbooks accounting.

  • Lots of new filters and columns:

    • Task page:

      • bulk clearing of the parent task

    • Appointment notifications page:

      • Technician added to csv download

      • Appointment Category filter

      • Appointment notes column

    • Property:

      • Client Billing Card filter

      • Property Annual Value added to csv download

    • Defect Quotes:

      • Property Status filter

      • Total Quote Cost as a column and added to csv download

    • Scheduler:

      • Property certification date filter


Streamlined purchase order reconciliation

When a supplier bill is received you can now record it against the purchase through a streamlined interface. This also sets us up for capturing multiple supplier bills against a single purchase order in a future release.


For there, you can input your supplier's bill date and number, and then finalise your purchased items, whether it be changing the costs, accounting code, descriptions or add or removing products, before pushing and creating your bill in your accounting system.


The purchase order will automatically change to PAID once your invoice is paid in your accounting partner.


Additional Restrictions:

- Customers are no longer able to push and create an invoice in their accounting partner unless they are in the Submitted, Invoice Received or Paid purchase order status.

- Customers are no longer able to revert a purchase order to Draft if a bill has been created and hence an invoice has been received.

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