October 2021 - Website Release
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Release Date: 21st October

Featured Improvements

Remote Panel Monitoring has had a big upgrade: your customers can now run a full-screen monitoring dashboard through their customer portal, subscribe to SMS alerts, and a range of other improvements to the look and feel.

We've also made a range of other improvements: improved the filtering on your homepage dashboard, adding a new profitability dashboard, a host of improvements to our frontend architecture to make pages load even faster, and we've added a real-time accounting integration with Quickbooks.

Changes and Improvements

  • It’s now simpler for business owners and managers to see their profitability on all completed tasks at a glance using the new Completed Task Profitability Report. Business Owners can use this level of reporting to understand which Branch, Department, Client or Task Category is the less and most profitable over a given period of time in order to make better business decisions.

  • When building defect quotes we’ve added a “product” option to the row grouping options. This is helpful for copy-pasting pricing when you have hundreds of lines with the same replacement product.

  • Reminders can now be sent on service quotes, making the approval process more efficient and kept in the Uptick system.

  • Technicians will no longer be cc'd on upcoming appointment notifications to your property contacts due to customer feedback. If you do wish to still have your technicians cc'd in on these reminders, please contact the Support team.

  • On all our Uptick profitability reports, you can now group your reports by Branch, making it easier to understand and report on which Branches are more or least profitable in a single view.

  • The Uptick Home Dashboard will now automatically filter your insights by Branch upon entering the page in order to help you only see information that is relevant to you. To help you dive further into these insights, will also allow you to filter by Service Group.

  • For our legislative prompt questions for inspections, you now have the ability to do the following:

      • You can now create a new question type - Multiple Choice - which allows your field staff to answer prompt questions with multiple options from a predefined list of choices.

      • Creating your predefined list of choices for multiple-choice and choice questions is now easier with the new popup that allows you to add, edit and delete your choice options.

  • Our Intelligence pages have been reorganised.

  • For customers using billing contracts, you will now see an error if you try and create more than one Per Visit charge for the same routine level on a property. A routine level should only have one per visit fee.

  • New filters and columns:

    • Purchase Orders:

      • The bill invoice number and date has been added to the csv download in order to help with accounting reconciliation.

    • Jobs:

      • A Supervisor filter has been added

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