July 2021 - Website Release
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Release Date: 15th July

Featured Improvements


If you're using Accreditations, you'll now receive warnings when scheduling tasks, or assigning tasks to technicians or subcontractors if the assignee doesn't have the qualifications or accreditations required to complete the task. Expiring accreditations are also manageable via your dashboard.

Accreditations or qualifications can be required on clients, individual sites, or even specific routine levels.

See our article on accreditations to read about our accreditation module and its new features.

Note: If you've been using the Police Check and Working with Children checkboxes on properties, these have been automatically converted into accreditations.

Subcontracted recurring maintenance

To streamline working with subcontractors for programmed maintenance, you can now specify the subcontractor authorisation limit on a routine which will, in turn, be pulled through to tasks automatically speeding up the invoicing process.

Note: This applies to customers using the Routines extension, not the legacy Servicing extension.

Important: The Contractor Approval Limit on a task is now labelled as ex GST. While many customers have used it this way regardless of the label, please contact support if you want your data adjusted.

Changes and Improvements

  • Uptick has performed a major upgrade to the frontend architecture of the system which makes many areas of the system faster and easier to use. Extensive testing has been done, but please report any issues you encounter as this feedback will be very helpful.

  • You can now customise the name of your report PDFs generated in Uptick. Contact support to customise.

  • Improvements to appointments: When viewing a task, appointments now list in scheduled date order, cancelling an appointment can be done in fewer clicks and cancelled appointments no longer appear on a task.

  • Placed assets that have been made inactive now don't appear on floorplans. Click here for more information about our floorplan asset registry feature.

  • For customers with several branches (business units) in the Uptick system, branch has been added to all of our profitability pages in order to further help compare company profits.

  • Our major servicing dashboard will now retain selected grouping options and columns even when you've navigated away from the page to create a quote or repair task. Read more about how our customers manage their major services (post annual servicing) here.

  • We've made customising the "Reply to" email address easier for emails sent by Uptick to your customers. Navigate to Control Panel > Emails to set this up.


1. Accreditations

See our article on accreditations to read about our accreditation module and its new features.

NOTE: Police Check Required and Working with Children Check Required has been removed as an option from a property


... and has been converted into Accreditations for you. Everyone that had this checked on properties, will now have Accreditations installed and checked as required on that property.


2. Subcontracted price workflow

For customers on routines, a contractor's authorisation limit can now be applied to an individual routine level on a property which, in turn, applies itself to the Contractor Approval Limit on tasks generated from those routines.


Apply this price by simply going into your manage routines page on a property and editing any level. This also can be applied to your Routine Service Levels in bulk using our Importer tool.

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