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August 2020 - Website Release
August 2020 - Website Release
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Release Date: 20th August

Featured Improvements

  • Uptick Customisable Labour Rates - Whether it’s an emergency on a Public Holiday or an after-hours call out, Uptick now gives you the flexibility to customise different cost rates against actual labour so that you can accurately track task profitability.

  • You can now verify the results of a visit to a property with the Task Assurance Report. Whether a client has requested the information or you have built it into your quality assurance process, this tool allows you to see a snapshot of the tasks performed and the assets affected.

  • Geo-allocator Map - Get better visibility of your tasks. With an updated intuitive colour-coded legend and the ability to filter by status, it is now easier to identify unassigned or incomplete work. The map view allows you to find the most efficient routes and locate the closest technicians to assign reactive repair and callout work individually or in bulk.

Changes and Improvements

  • The create and edit page of a property has been streamlined with more commonly used fields at the forefront and the less used hidden behind sections. This adds more structure and removes the need to sift through lots of fields to get to what you're looking for.

  • Accreditations can now be made for Subcontractors. Just search for that Contractor's account when creating an accreditation.

  • A Supplier can now always be set on a Purchase Order regardless of if it's for a Material or Subcontractor order. This aims to open up your Purchase Order options and is a step towards making the connections between Uptick and your accounting system more aligned in using Suppliers for all orders.

  • For Routines, Tolerancing now comes from the Routine Annual Date. Whether a task is in, out or near its tolerance end date can now be found as a filter and column on the Task List in order to help you schedule and prioritise work.

  • Various list improvements:

    • Customer Portal: The Reports page now shows Task Description, whether the report is Compliant or not and the Performed date.

    • Customer Portal: The Defect Quote page now shows Quote Description and has a Defect Quote Tag filter.

    • Products page: New Supplier column.

    • Asset page: New Installation is set or not filter.

    • Client page: New bulk edit for Client Tag and adding Timeline Notes to clients.

    • Defect Quoting page: New Quote Severity column to CSV download.

    • Service Contracts page: New Property Tag filter.

    • Sending Notifications for appointments page: New Reminder sent or not filter.


1. Uptick Labour Rates

Uptick now allows you to apply different cost rates against actual labour in order to increase profitability, timesheet and payroll accuracy. Making improvements to the way task profitability is conveyed is a big goal for Uptick so this was a natural step in the process.

Click here for more information about Labour Rates.

2. Task Assurance

Uptick allows you and your office staff to verify the results of a technician's visit by request from your client or as a QA process.


Once a task is Performed, simply click the 'Assurance Report' button on your task located here:


3. Geo-allocator Improvements

Our Geo-allocator is one of the ways Uptick allows you to bulk assign work to all your field staff. Its main benefit is this great big map that allows you to see where all your tasks are scattered throughout Australia in order to help you pick the most efficient route for your field staff, easily find out who is best located and suited for reactive repair and callout work and finally, bulk assign work with ease.

We have made improvements to this page to order to do the above, better.


1. Tasks that are unassigned have now been made more clear by changing the icon that was used.

2. The Technician Legend and colours now change depending on the filters you have set. This will help reduce the list of colours, and hopefully allow better viewing of which pin is who.

3. Finally, a Status filter has been added to order to help with assigning reactive work and reassigning work that has rolled over to the next month. A good example would be filtering only for tasks that have not been done yet, so you can accurately see who route is closest to the work you'd like to assign.

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