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Uptick allows you to apply different cost rates against actual labour in order to increase profitability, timesheet and payroll accuracy.


Our Labour rate page is where you set up base rates for all your technicians and any extra labour rate multipliers that you might want to apply to timesheets.

Contact your manager if you don't have the permissions.

Navigation: Control Panel > Timesheets > Configure Technician Rates

Create different Rates that your company uses click 'Create Rate'. Adding a Rate allows you to add a multiplier that, once used, will apply that multiplier to the base wage (shown below) of that staff member.


For example, a technician is called out to an emergency that falls on a public holiday. That technician starts and ends a session on that task that represents the labour spent on that task. To make sure your profitability is accurate for future insights and the timesheet that comes from that technician is accurate at the end of the payroll period, an office member now edits that session when processing the task and applies the 'Public Holiday' rate which automatically changes the 'cost' of that session.

How to use

Uptick allows you to apply a different Labour Rate to when you are either viewing a session on the task or on a timesheet, just click into that session to change the Rate.

Read more about Timesheets here.

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