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For instances in which you have reached a pricing agreement for your products and services for a special client, a specific promotion, or a regional customer, you can create a price book specifically customised to the agreement, and apply the price book to that client or just an individual property which will get passed down to the relevant job.

Pricing gets passed downwards and overridden at each level until it hits the job you at processing:

Price book applied on the client > price book given to the individual property > product price has been manually overridden on the invoice or quote you are processing.

Pricebook Setup

Once enabled by us and permissions are applied, you can find your different price books and tiers in Billing > Product Catalog > Price books.

Creating a price book

  1. Go to Billing > Product Catalog > Price books and click Create pricebook.

  2. Enter the name of your price book. Eg. "Regional Customers".

  3. Enter the altered prices of each product according to the pricing structure of your new tier. Leave blank where the price remains the same as your default prices, or put a zero in where the price is $0. Alternatively, bulk import pricing for this tier after step 4 - read more about importing here.

  4. Save price tier at the bottom of the page.


To rename a price book:

  1. Billing > Product Catalog > Price books.

  2. View the price book and then click Update.

  3. Enter the updated name and click Rename.


Updating sell prices in a price book

1. Go to Billing > Product Catalog > Price books and view the Price book you wish to update.

2. Click Download CSV and use the importer to bulk update your pricing all at once, click here for more information about how to use our importer.

Once CSV is downloaded, update the unit_price column. Once you are happy with the unit_price column, simply save as a CSV file, then go to Tools > Importer > pick Importer Type = Prices and import. Do not change the column titles given to your when exporting.

Adding a new price book to a client or property

All clients and properties, by default, will use your Default price book. If however, you'd like to apply a different price book to a client or property for all future repairs and services, you need to do the following.


  1. Go to your client list (People > Clients) and 'View' the client you wish to add a new pricing tier to.

  2. When viewing that client, you will see a Pricing field that allows you to 'CHANGE' the price book from the Default pricing.


All properties under this client will now inherit that pricing structure unless you add another pricing tier to the individual property.


  1. Go to the Billing tab of any property

  2. Click Configure Pricing.

  3. Either;

    • Select which pricing tier/book you would like this property to use on the right

    • Keep allowing it to 'Inherit' from the client

    • Click Configure custom pricing. This will make a new price book and apply it automatically to that property.

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