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Creating a Callout Task

When creating a task either from the property or task list, select a callout product from the "Callout" section. The form will prompt you as to whether you are in the business hours for that client, if specified, or as per the default. A Service Task will then be created for this callout product, meaning you can invoice the callout right away and you know how much the task is worth when setting it up.

We suggest using the following task fields when setting up a callout task:

  • Description field: Pop the date and short description of what you need to do.

  • Scope of works: Copy paste the description, and pop any extra information in here for what needs to be done.

  • Primary technician: Make sure you've assigned the callout.

  • Authorisation ref: If you received a purchase order or work order, put it in here. Eg. PO-12345.

  • Priority: If an urgent callout, put this as High.

  • Due: The date the callout is due. If the callout is due the same day, pop this in as the same date it was requested.

  • Callout: Select the product applicable. More on callout products below in this article.

Reporting on the Callout to the client

Our new Service Report does everything now, it used to be that you needed a call-out, a remedial report, a maintenance report, a rectification report etc. Now the service report works for all of these different functions in one!

Once you've filled in the report, including using the scope of works, uploading photos to the documents tab and putting them into a folder named 'attachments' for them to display on the report, technician notes and adding applicable products, you're ready to dispatch as normal.

Note: Photos must be in .jpg or .jpeg form to be displayed as photos on the report from the 'attachments' folder in the documents tab.

Did you know: Technicians can add in call-out tasks from the field? That's right, they can add in the task when on call and fill in the task as normal. When you're back in the morning, the report is already ready to go!

Attendance Fee Products

To create a callout task, you first need to set up your callout, also known as attendance fee products.

Go to "Billing > Product Catalogue" and click "Edit" on the product of interest. In the callout section, tick the "Attendance Fee" checkbox and optionally specify the Included Labour and the Labour Increment by which you will charge.


To understand the included labour and labour increments see the table below:

Included labour

The included labour describes the amount of time being charged according to the Unit price of the product

Labour increment

The labour increment is the time margin by which the labour charge will increase beyond the initial included labour.

(i.e. if the unit price is $100, the included labour is 60 minutes and the increment is 30 minutes, the expected additional charge after that 60 minutes has passed will be $50).

Currently, labour increments are not automatically applied to tasks if included labour is exceeded. To trial beta features around the labour increment, contact our support team.

Setting Business Hours

You can set business hours, which helps determine when the appropriate callout fees should be applied. The hours you set site-wide defines normal hours, during which it's not expected for after-hours callout fees to apply. These settings can be overridden per Branch, then per Client.


Go to Control Panel > Business Hours and then click Edit to adjust.

Adjusting Per Client

Go to the relevant client page and click CHANGE next to Callout hours.

Adjusting Per Branch

View to the relevant Branch under Control Panel > Branches page and click CHANGE next to Callout hours.

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