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Accounting integrations in Uptick
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Uptick supports a continuously expanding range of accounting integrations to support your business. Below is a list of currently supported integrations and those that will be supported in the future.

Supported accounting integrations

To learn more about setting up and configuring your accounting integrations, click on the accounting partner you use below for instructions on your specific integration.


Supported features and regions




Sage 50

Business Central

Sync billing cards

Sync invoices

Sync suppliers

Sync PO bills

Sync products

Quickbooks plus only

Tracking categories

Rounding adjustments

Supported countries

AU, NZ, UK, Ireland, Canada


AU, NZ, UK, Canada, US



Connecting your accounting to Uptick

  1. Go to Control Panel > Accounting > Connect an organisation.

  2. Select your supported accounting partner.

  3. You will be taken to the accounting partner's page where you can sign in and approve access.

  4. Once this is done, you can now set up default account codes and sync settings.

Syncing your accounting

When new records for bills, invoices and billing cards are created in Uptick they will be created in the accounting system when pushed to the accounting partner through manual action or dispatch. The accounting partner is the source of truth, which means the sync considers the records in the accounting partner to be correct, and Uptick's records need to reflect what resides on the accounting side.

For billing cards, invoices, PO bills, Suppliers and Products (Quickbooks only), automatic syncs will occur periodically based on the settings configured under the Partner syncs section of the accounting integration setup, which can tell Uptick to:

  • Create records in Uptick if new entries are in the accounting partner

  • Update existing linked records in Uptick to match the accounting partner

  • Both of the above

Once these records are linked, the data syncs strictly from the accounting system into Uptick, therefore any required changes must be done in the accounting partner instead of Uptick.

Syncing Frequency

All recent changes made in the accounting system are synced back to Uptick on a schedule, generally a nightly basis. Users are able to trigger more immediate syncs in the following ways:

  • Control Panel > Accounting > run full sync

  • Click Sync under the Integration section of a Billing Card, Supplier, Invoice, or PO Bill.


What data will sync

All of our accounting integrations synchronise Billing Cards, Suppliers, Invoices and Purchase Order Bills. (Some integrations support additional synchronisations, which you can learn about by reading the help article for your particular accounting partner). See below for more detailed information on the data from Billing Cards and Suppliers that will sync and must be changed in the accounting partner after linking.

Billing Cards

General details

Name, ref, business number

Postal details

Attention, email address, phone numbers, postal address

Site details

Attention, site address


General details

Name, ref, business number

Contact details

Attention, email address, phone numbers, postal address

Sync settings - general details


This comes from your company details set up with your accounting partner.

Accounting partner

Detected automatically after the sign-in process

Unique ID

ID code generated by the accounting partner that validates the connection to Uptick.

Tracking Categories

Any tracking categories set up on your accounting partner will automatically be detected and pull through.

For more information about tracking categories, see the help section of your respective accounting platform.

Tax codes

Any tax codes set up on your accounting partner will automatically be detected and pull through.

Default income account

The account code used for invoicing. Will used by default when no cost centres or product level account codes are set up.

Default expense account

The account code used for PO bills. Will used by default when no cost centres or product level account codes are set up.

Rounding account

Supported partners only

Setting a rounding account ensures that the rounding between Uptick and the connected accounting partner is consistent. See the help text on this field for more information.

Sync settings - partner syncs

The settings here dictate what data is automatically synced overnight from the accounting partner into Uptick, and not the other way around. PO bills and Invoices do not have a create and update option to avoid the risk of inconsistencies being created as a result of the data sync.

Sync terms defined:


Records will not be updated overnight, however you can still manually create and sync records.


Checks to see if there are records in the accounting partner that are not in Uptick. If true, these will be created in Uptick.


Checks the status of existing records between the accounting partner and Uptick. If there are differences, the Uptick record will be updated to match the record in the accounting partner.

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