Understanding the People section in Uptick
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The People section found on the side-bar is where you can view and manage details of all the participants that interact with Uptick across the categories of Accreditations, Clients, Contractors, Suppliers and Users. If you're unsure what the each section is for, this handy FAQ should point you in the right direction.

Quick reference

This map displays a brief outline of each section.



Accreditation details are kept in this section. You can set info on licenses, permits, certifications and any other accreditations that a technician may hold. The screenshot below displays the accreditation details you can add. Read more about accreditations here.



Clients are your customers and you can use this section to view and filter your list of clients. You can view or edit an existing client from this page, where you can manage the following:

  • Contact, billing, property and portfolio summary details

  • Invoices, quotes and tasks associated with the client

  • Timeline

  • Customer portal access


Contractors are listed on this page. Viewing a contractor allows you to view and manage the following:

  • Contact details

  • Task history

  • Contractor portal access


Your list of suppliers can be found here. From the main page you can see some contact details and toggle the visibility of the partner UID column. The presence of a partner UID indicates the supplier is synced with your accounting partner. Viewing a supplier allows you to manage the following:

  • Contact and business details

  • Associated products and purchase orders

  • Accounting partner integration


Users are anybody that requires access to operate Uptick. Typically field staff, desk staff, contractors and administrators are set up as users with varying degree as of access rights and permissions. From this page you can:

  • View and manage existing users

  • Create new users

  • Reset passwords

  • Set a user as staff/not staff (staff have a predefined set of permissions for using Uptick)

  • Set security group

Some or all of these may not be available to you depending on the security group you belong to as a user. You can learn more about users here.

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