September 2020 - Website Release
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Release Date: 17th September

Featured Improvements

  • It is now easier than ever to manage, price and rearrange hundreds of products in the new defect quote table. With an updated interface, colour-coding and remark grouping, you can now easily visualise, understand and adapt to what you’re quoting.

  • Get real-time activity updates in the new "at a glance" Technician Activity Dashboard. Easily locate where your technicians are in the field and keep an eye on the driving routes they're taking between each job. With an itemised technician progress table, you can see at a glance, start times, actual vs estimated labour and how productive each technician has been.

Changes and Improvements

  • The navigation sidebar has been improved by now interacting differently when hovering over the navigation options. This design provides less of a chance of accidentally opening the sidebar if you are highlighting or trying to click on something close to the right hand side.

  • When bulk sending reminders for unpaid invoices through Uptick, the invoice pdfs are now sent with the email in order to add clarity and to further unblock any reasons for lack of payment. For those who don't know, use the bulk edit on the Invoice List to bulk send reminders.

  • The Task's Service or Routine can now be a condition when automatically attaching dynamic forms and checklists to certain tasks. To find out about automatically attaching electronic forms and checklists to tasks, click here.

  • Myob only allows the quantity field on invoices to be 2 decimal places, Uptick now follows that pattern in order to reduce errors when invoicing using Myob.

  • The 'Bulk Manage' page on our Product list has been removed due to it being outdated. We suggest using the Product Importer feature to bulk update products - click here for more information on how to use the importer.

  • Invoices can no longer be created from the Client page. Removal is due to its unsought use - we suggest creating invoices via the Task, Billing Card or Property.

  • To add increased accuracy when filtering amongst other reasons, Invoices now have a Branch field for those customers with multiple offices.

  • Some helpful COVID filters:

    • Property Building Class is now filterable via the Task List

    • Technician Task Session Notes are now available via the Timesheet Session csv download

    • Invoice Status and Task Invoiced Date are now filters on the Company Profitability page (Insights and Reporting > Profitability)


1. Brand New Defect Quoting table!

Our Defect Quoting table has been completely rebuilt! It is now easier than ever to manage, price and rearrange hundreds of products in the new defect quote table.

New features include:

  • Ability to group your quotes by Asset, Remark and Product in order to help you visualise your quotes better. Just drag the column title/s into the grouping field.

  • Colour coded columns to help you see where pricing needs to be added or which lines don't have products yet.

  • When duplicating rows, that row now adds itself underneath the row you've just duplicated, copying the remark and asset across if there is one. This will make it so much easier to add multiple products against the same remark or asset repair, or at least help style your quote more easily.

  • Basic Asset information has been added to the Remark popup to decrease the need to quote with multiple pages open.

Please note: this change will not affect what your clients see, it's purely a tool to help you and your staff quote. Contact your managers to get your PDF template updated if you wish to change something.

2. New “At a glance” Technician Activity Dashboard

Technicians are your most expensive asset so you need something that will give you "at a glance" insights into how your technicians are travelling today. Our Map Dashboards have always had multiple uses whether it's getting a rough location of where your technicians are for emergency repairs, checking which tasks are ready for the office to process, or just seeing where all your tasks are on a map, with our new "at a glance" Technician Activity Dashboard, you can now do much more!

Navigation: On your Uptick home page when you first log into Uptick. You can also find a bigger version by navigating to Tools > Insights and Reports and scrolling down to 'Realtime activity map'.


This map will now also show you things such as:

  • The route of tasks in which each technician has taken today. This aims to help you notice any inefficiencies in the routes chosen and possible changes you could make to get your technicians out to more sites. If the technicians have updated tasks not onsite, you'll be able to see the difference in points on this map.

  • A productivity score which compares the time onsite compared to off which should give a real understanding of where that technician's time is going. This score will be most accurate if your technicians all have the latest app version!

  • Information about the technician's sessions, tasks and assets for that day, while also showing if that technician was far away from the property when making updates.

Future update: if the technician was servicing a task for a lot longer than the task's estimated labour costs, then we will show you! Read more about getting your estimated costs set up in Uptick, here.

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