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Managing non-contracted asset servicing
Managing non-contracted asset servicing
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Our Non-contracted routine servicing Dashboard calculates and displays all non-contracted routine service opportunities available to your business by allowing you to forecast and quote on upcoming, out of contract services.


For the assets due for each site, the dashboard allows you to easily manage, send and approve a quote before the task is created and works are performed. This dashboard will need to be managed by staff.

Setting up Routines for Asset Based Servicing

Read our Asset Based Servicing article for more info.

If the asset based service is included as part of the property contract:

Task generation will follow the typical routine task generation process. The number of assets to be serviced will also be shown in the routine schedule on the property.

If the asset based service is not included as part of the property contract:

The assets will appear as due on the Non-contracted routine servicing Dashboard. A quote can be created straight from the dashboard, then a task will be generated from the approved quote.

How non-contracted servicing appears on the Property's Routine schedule

Non-contracted maintenance to be quoted from Non-contracted Servicing Dashboard will appear on the routine schedule as an unshaded icon, with a number (numbers of assets due for this service) above it.


How to use the Dashboard

Note: Users that are assigned to certain Branches will not see Clients in this dashboard that are not part of the same Branch.

Once asset based servicing is set up on at least one of your levels, that routine is being serviced on a property, there are applicable assets created on that property, and you've waited a few minutes for the due dates to be calculated by the system, you can start using this dashboard.

Navigation: Tools > Non-contracted services.


This dashboard allows you to manage your non-contracted assets due for servicing by creating quotes straight from this page. You'll also get warnings if assets applicable for a testing don't have base dates (and hence no due date can be calculated).

When you first come onto this page, you'll see a lot of red, SELECT PRODUCT text - it is a requirement that for each level, you set up products that are applicable to the repairs for that service. This allows automation when quoting as the system already knows which products to apply. You only need to set this up once per level.

  • Click 'SELECT PRODUCT' in the table or 'Configure Products' next to the routine level at the top of the page.

  • You now need to set up the following:

  1. Add a default product for all repairs. This simply will apply that single product for every asset that you quote for. If this is not configured you will receive the error message "Default product needs to be selected"

  2. If your level has multiple asset types applicable to it, add a product per asset type (variant optional). This improves accuracy with costing when creating quotes and repairs.

Keep in mind that you can only save one variant per product for each line.

  • Once products are setup, when you are to Create Quote from the dashboard, those products will automatically apply so your quote is ready to send to your client in two clicks.

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