December 2019 - Website Release
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Release date: 19th December

Featured Improvements

  • A new Cancelled status has been added to tasks.

  • Major Servicing (per asset testing) is now available for routines.

  • Quoted items can now be individually selected when creating repair tasks.


  • There is now a setting on the client where, if ticked, all PDFs attached to a dispatch from that client will merge into one file when sending to the recipients. The only thing we don't include in this merge is any manually attached task documents or electronic logbooks.

  • Contractors using the subcontracted tasks module can now add multiple signatures from the inspector and the onsite client if they are using the 'Technician' view of the subcontracted task.


Cancelled Status:

Due to customer feedback, we have added a new status that tasks can transition into.

This status cannot be seen or used via the App, only via the Web, to help office staff manage their tasks. Subcontractors will see this status if they are assigned to tasks that have now been cancelled and will also receive a simple email informing them that this task has been cancelled. Clients will not see any tasks in a Cancelled status on their portal.


Major Servicing (Routines)

All systems are now able to use the Major Servicing module. This module is used for high-level services that have asset-based due dates and/or require quoting before the service or repair can take place. This module is based off the Base Date set on each asset and the frequency of the service those Assets are applicable to.

For customers using Service Contracts, see this article.

For customers using Routines, see this article.

'Cherry Picking' the Repair Task

Quoted items on an approved quote can now be picked individually and put on separate repair tasks.


Once items have been put onto a repair task, they will show as Actioned in the above view. You will not be able to 'Create Task and mark Quote actioned' until you have Actioned or selected all items from the quote, instead you will be clicking 'Create Task' until that happens.

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