January 2024 - Website Release

News and updates from Uptick in January 2024

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The year starts with some brand-new and improved capabilities you can take advantage of, alongside several smaller improvements across the system.

Changes and improvements to come!

Profitability in Uptick

Release date: Monday the 5th of February

We are refining how profitability is surfaced in Uptick and replacing our current profitability reports.

  • The new reports will load more information, faster.

  • Invoices will now be seen as actual revenue only once it is out of Draft and sent to the client, aligning with your accounting partner.

  • Task sessions will only be seen as an actual cost incurred to your business once it’s internally approved, aligning closer with payroll.

For a more thorough understanding of Profitability in Uptick, we recommend delving into our comprehensive support article.

Stock Cost Transfer

Release date: 31st of January

We will now be able to transfer unused materials from a task purchase order into a warehouse so that your Task profitability is accurate and excess materials can be reused on future tasks from the warehouse.

We've fast-tracked several changes to you this month already

  • Defect & Service Quoting Dashboards. We’ve revamped our Defect and Service quoting dashboards to enable your sales team and managers to understand the current state of your pipeline of sales.

    • See your top 10 clients, products and quote authors by quote value

    • See your top 10 asset types for defect quotes by quote value

    • See your top 10 routine service types for service quotes by quote value

  • Programme Maintenance Dashboard. [Beta] You can now review your programme maintenance in a new dashboard to understand your performance rate, and state of tasks by your service groups for the month.

    • See your Active Tasks Breakdown by Service Group

    • See your Programme Maintenance Health

    • See the State of Due Tasks

    • See a full breakdown of programme maintenance completion by month from the last 12 months

  • Tasks.

    • We’ve created a new ‘quick create’ page when creating tasks from the task list or property, making the process less overwhelming for new staff. To save time, Office Assignee will now automatically be assigned to the creator and fields will prepopulate with information depending on other selections, for example, address will no longer be required once a property is set.

    • It’s easier to find which dynamic form you want to add to a task as they are now listed alphabetically.

  • Defect Quotes. A reason is now required when clients decline defect quotes via the online approval link. To help report on this, this information can be downloaded from the defect quote list.

  • Service Quoting.

    • We’ve made it nicer to manage maintenance quoting by aligning the do and charge table with billing contracts, allowing multi-selection of levels, and automatically selecting routines when duplicating a service quote.

    • We’ve also made sure the product description is set automatically in the Required Works table.

  • Purchase Orders.

    • Delivery options can now be selected, making it faster to set the delivery instructions on a purchase order. Options cannot be customised at this stage.

    • We’ve renamed our purchase order permissions, making their coverage more transparent.

    • To better understand your cash position, costs Yet to be Billed and Yet to be Delivered can now be downloaded on the list.

    • Quickly find bills with an ‘Invoice Number’ filter on the purchase order list.

    • To broaden the definition of a Delivery Docket, we’ve renamed Delivery Dockets into just Dockets and removed the requirement for a reference number.

  • Billing Contracts. Property Ref and Client Name have been added to the billing contract line item export to make identification easier.

  • Importer. A warning will appear when data is being updated rather than created to avoid irreversible mistakes.

  • Timesheets.

    • Task session favourites can be added to the home dashboard.

    • When viewing a technician’s weekly timesheets, a ‘Today’ button is now available, allowing quick access back to today’s week.

  • Assets

    • We’ve exposed any historic changes to asset types by adding a timeline.

    • We’ve reworded the 'Raise repair task' button on assets to 'Raise callout task' to keep the language consistent across the Uptick system.

  • Reports.

    • The PDF file name of reports generated in Uptick can be customised via the Control Panel, and 'task ref' can now be added.

    • We’ve added a task category filter to the report’s list.

  • Products. When selecting products via the advanced product selector, both the internal and supplier refs can be seen to help quicker identification.

  • Quickbooks Accounting. We’ve expanded support for synchronising just inventory products to now include all products.

  • Signoffs. We’ve added an account manager filter to the signoff list.

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