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Our digital logbooks offer a solution to capture testing data that can be readily accessible to owners or facility managers directly, or on request.

This allows our customers to complete full-service records with built-data capture based around AS1851 directly against the asset.

NOTE: Where AS1851-2102 is regulated, a physical copy of a logbook is required to be left onsite. This is something uptick does not support. We are continually working with regulators to improve on compliance and will ensure we communicate this effectively when updates are completed. Until then, please contact your relevant authority to confirm these requirements.

Logbooks by Uptick is an easy to use app that adheres to Australian Safety Standards AS 1851 - 2012 and uses cloud-based storage to protect critical data.

The fire protection industry is pushing for stronger compliance data and better visibility. More technicians, building owners, and fire protection service providers are looking for smarter maintenance tools, taking advantage of in-app functionality that is not available in print logbooks.

Paper logbooks can be consumed in a fire, damaged in a flood, lost or misplaced leaving your business exposed to the risk of non compliance. Continued use of paper to record critical fire safety data impacts our environment, the cost of doing business and requires manual input that can contain a human error.

Use Logbook by Uptick to:

- Improve compliance and ensure technicians know exactly what data needs to be recorded for routine service

- Store your compliance data securely

- Access comprehensive asset audit trail and store data in a centralised location

- Seamless integration with workforce management apps

- Protect the environment and reduce paper waste

Frequently asked questions

Why are my logbooks not showing up on the task?

Logbooks often go missing when a technician opens their Logbooks app directly to submit.

If they were working on a task previously, this old job may still be open, so the Logbooks can be added to a prior job by accident.

We recommend that technicians create or add a Logbook through the Workforce app, which will then take them into the Logbooks app to submit further information and connect them to the task they're currently working on. Technicians can also check what task they are working on via a banner at the top of the Logbooks app - this will display a task reference or task name.

What can I do when I have changes stuck in the 'Modified' queue?

Visit the settings and 'Upload App State'.

Support is not notified when you do this, so we'd recommend contacting support first before doing this.

Can I create a logbook on my desktop?

No, at this time you cannot create a digital logbook via the desktop, only via the digital logbooks app. Click here to learn more about how to create a digital logbook entry and how they differ from classic logbooks.

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