Classic Logbooks and Digital Logbooks
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This article outlines Digital Logbooks, Classic Logbooks and how they differ. Whether you're using the iOS app or the Android app the steps to complete logbook entries is the same, so these instructions apply to both platforms.

The app can be used to complete either type of logbook. Both can be accessed by tapping Finalisation > Complete Logbook from a task when using the app.



Classic Logbooks

Digital Logbooks

Completing a Classic Logbook involves completing an actual physical logbook on-site, then using the app to take a photo of the logbook entry.

Digital Logbooks is a paper-free method of completing a logbook entry that requires the Digital Logbooks app. When you go to create a Digital Logbook entry, you'll automatically switch to the Digital Logbooks app and fill out a digital form version of the logbook.

Adding a Classic Logbook entry

Adding a new Logbook

  1. While in a task on the app, tap Finalisation > Complete Logbook.

  2. Next to Classic Logbooks, tap Add.

  3. Choose the logbook type, then fill out the applicable fields (Label, Location, Description, etc).

  4. Tap Save.

Adding a Classic Logbook entry

The following instructions assume you have completed the physical paper logbook first.

  1. While in a task on the app, tap Finalisation > Complete Logbook.

  2. Under the Classic Logbooks section select a logbook to add an entry to. If there are no logbooks, click Add > select the logbook type > fill out the fields > Save. After that you'll be taken back to the Complete Logbook screen to select the logbook.

  3. Under the ADD NEW ENTRY section, tap the camera icon and select from the following options:

    • Take a new photo - if only requiring to upload a single image.

    • Take multiple photos - if there are multiple pages to take photos of, use this option.

    • Add existing photo - if you've already taken photos and simply need to upload them.

  4. Add any notes if required, and if you need to take additional photos tap the camera icon under the FILES section.

  5. Click Save to complete the logbook entry




Adding a Digital Logbook entry

If you haven't made any digital logbook entries yet, you'll first need to make a Cabinet.

Adding a new Digital Logbook (Cabinet)

  1. While in a task on the app, tap Finalisation > Complete Logbook.

  2. Next to Digital Logbooks, tap Add. This will launch the Digital Logbooks app and take you straight to the Cabinet creation page where you can provide details about the cabinet and link a bSecure sticker if you're using them.

  3. Tap Create cabinet. This cabinet is linked to this property and you can select it to Digital Logbook entries.

Adding a Digital Logbook entry

  1. While in a task on the app, tap Finalisation > Complete Logbook.

  2. Under Digital Logbooks, tap the cabinet and the Digital Logbooks app will launch, the active task will be highlighted at the top.

  3. Next to Forms tap Create > Select the appropriate form to fill out > Answer all the questions.

  4. Tap Add comment to add any comments against the logbook entry and then tap Submit Form to complete the form.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the form and next to Signatures, tap Add > Click to sign to add the signature > Save. Tap Save in the upper-right corner to complete the Digital Logbook entry.

  6. If you've finished adding entries, tap the task at the top of the screen and choose Discard to exit the task from the Digital Logbooks app. This will avoid accidentally create an entry against the wrong task.



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