How can I see previous reports from the property?

iOS App

When using the iOS app, you can see previous reports that have been completed at the property incase you need to reference them.

  1. Jump into the task in the app.

  2. Click view property details.

  3. Click the report tab. All the published reports will be visible here, so if you can't see something you know happened, just make sure it's been made into a published report against the property. This is not available on the Android app currently.



  1. Head to the property, then click on the Reports tab. This will show the full list of all the reportsgenerated for this specific property.

  2. Displayed on this screen are the dates of issue and inspection as well as the type of report.

  3. Click ‘View’ on one of the reports to preview the PDF form of that report. You can then select "View Details" from this screen if you require.

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