March 2023 - Website Release
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The Uptick release for March brings with it several changes and improvements to Your Dashboard, service quotes, appointment scheduler and timesheets

Changes and Improvements

Everyday Workflows

We've made several small changes to your everyday workflows:

Your Dashboard

  • To help you better manage your everyday priorities, your dashboard favourites can now be rearranged and colour coded for a more customised experience.

Service Quotes

  • To improve the project quoting process, material/labour total breakdown can now be seen on service quotes.

  • To easily go back to the current day, you can now find a 'Today' button on the new appointment scheduler.

  • Non-task events have been added to the total day, week and month times, helping you understand field staff capacity.

Invoices and Purchase Orders

  • You can now add styling, such are paragraphs and bolded text, to your line item descriptions on your purchase order and invoices, helping you to communicate better with your clients and suppliers. Note: You may need to customise your invoice or purchase order templates for styling to be respected. Styling can be seen on Uptick's default templates.


  • For those using Branches, we've added a Home Branch filter to the Timesheet Processing page so that you can filter for the staff you care about.

  • We've tightened up our permissions around payroll. Task sessions, allowances and payroll exports are now behind a Payroll Export button. To click this button you will now need the 'Can export payroll information from timesheets' permission and have a DESK license.

  • We've cleaned up the Payroll Export feature, each feature is accessed by a tab on the new Payroll export page listed above: one tab for sessions, one tab for allowances (if enabled), and one tab for the original payroll export (if you were previously using that)

  • Easily check whether your field staff have submitted enough sessions per day with a progress bar which turns green after 7.6 hours.

  • Who and when a timesheet was submitted and/or approved submitted are now available columns on the session list

  • You can now unsubmit a timesheet.

  • It's now clearer when a timesheet is different to your timezone - the time will be underlined if the timezone is different to your timezone.

Mobile apps

  • After sufficient warnings to those affected, as of this release, any version of the mobile app released before the start of 2022 will no longer be supported. Staff will no longer be able to log in.

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