February 2023 - Website Release

Release Date: 16th of February

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Featured improvements

The Uptick release for February brings with it the removal of the old customer portal, and several changes and improvements to timesheets, tasks and keys

Changes and Improvements

Customer Portal

With the addition of half a dozen new features to the new Customer portal, we are retiring the legacy customer portal which is being removed in this release. In the new portal you’ll see:

  • Digital Floorplans are visible when viewing a property

  • Auditors will see the Compliance by Contractor graph on the dashboard

  • Documents saved to the Client and Client Group’s public folder will be visible to the customer on the dashboard

  • The rectification process has been streamlined for auditing customers.

  • We’ve added download buttons for reports, invoices, quotes and forms.

Everyday Workflows

We've made several small changes to your everyday workflows:


  • Tasks. You can now add text snippets to the scope of works field on tasks, which can be handy when you have a typical layout in your descriptions of specific types of works.

  • Tasks. The scheduled at date can now be viewed on a task, instead of just in the task list. This date is populated when subcontracting out a task.

  • Tasks. The purchase order value shown on the task now excludes tax, for consistency.


  • Appointment Scheduler (new). Notes now show on the calendar for non-task events.


  • Timesheets. We've made several improvements to the look and feel of our timesheet module, as well as the traceability of key changes to a technician's timesheet. The main changes include:

    • Selecting field staff is easier on the timesheet review page

    • On any approved timesheet, you can now see when and who submitted and approved those timesheets by viewing that timesheet.

    • For customers where their field staff submit allowances, they now appear more prominently on the timesheet review page.

    • Labour rate multipliers for applying overtime costs to task sessions can now be found in Control Panel > Timesheets.

Stock Control

  • Stock Control. You can now download the stock levels of warehouses so that you can print and perform stock takes using a spreadsheet. This can also assist in uploading current levels into third-party softwares.

Keys and Equipment

  • Keys and Equipment. We've added a property branch filter to the keys and equipment list to support customers with different business units in Uptick.

  • For customers testing our beta feature "Automatic Invoicing of Timesheets", the 'time and materials' charge type now automatically sets itself on manually created tasks via mobile and web.

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