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How to set up appropriate favourites
How to set up appropriate favourites
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Setting up favourites can be a game changer to manage your daily, weekly and even monthly tasks.

At Uptick, we believe too many emails reduce productivity, so we support less emails and more use of our system internally, so your work is always sitting at the click of a button, literally.


Creating a favourite and adding it to the dashboard

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 12.14.12 pm

Helpful tip: Favourites are what I like to call 'sticky fields', so they are only visible on your login, and not everyone in the business. Knowing this, make them completely your own and call them whatever you think will help recognise them quicker. Once your favourites are added to your dashboard, the tiles can be colour coded and rearranged to suit you and your workflows. Simply click on the pencil or drag them around.

Suggested favourites areas to get you started (more scenarios below):

  • Overdue tasks

  • Tasks not assigned to a field tech

  • Tasks not assigned to an office user

  • Tasks not assigned to a round, if you're using these. More info on rounds here if I've got your attention.

  • Tasks without a due date (to catch those ones that'll float around and not flag as overdue)

  • Tasks in performed status to be processed

  • Tasks with access review, vacant or revisit for access issues follow-ups.

The list could go on, but it is really up to you what you need to monitor each day so feel empowered to get creative!

Happy favouriting! Please contact your account manager if you need any assistance on this.

Colour coding and organising favourites

Hover your mouse cursor over the upper-right corner of a favourite tile and click on the pencil icon to reveal a selection of colours to choose from. You can also arrange the tiles to your liking by clicking and dragging.

Recommended Favourites

These recommended favourites outlined below, are simply a base line, to get you started. Please be aware that you may need to adjust the filters you use, to ensure you capture everything you need, depending on your standard business processes.



Where in Uptick

Checking the creator of tasks, with no due dates (tasks that won’t be flagged as due by a certain date)

Tasks > Filter Author > Filter Due status: Blank

Viewing all open tasks that fall under a particular branch

Tasks > Branch : each applicable branch

● Status: Ready / Scheduled / Performed /

Office Review / In Progress



Where in Uptick

Tasks created and ready to be assigned to a


Task page > Status ‘Ready’ > Assigned

(Technician) filter > No assigned

Tasks that are overdue

Tasks > (filter) Due Status: Overdue

Tasks that aren’t assigned to a technician but

should be

Tasks > (filter) Assigned Tech > Filter

Subcontracted: No >

Appointment notifications to be dispatched

Tasks > Scheduler > Appointments >

● (filter) Task status: Scheduled

● (filter) Scheduled After: date applicable



Where in Uptick

Ensuring all tasks at Completed status are

archived. Once they are Completed

● (Invoiced/Quoted/Dispatched all relevant

document) Out of sight, out of mind

Tasks > Status: Complete

● Bulk edit button to archive all at this status



Where in Uptick

Defect to be quoted from I&T tasks

Assets > Remarks >

● Applying applicable severities

● Property status: Active (most important)

● Status: Open

Critical Defects to be quoted

Assets > Remarks >

● Severity: Critical

● Status: Open

Defect & Service Quotes that are approved and

ready to be actioned

Defect / Service Quotes > Status: Approved

Defect / Service Quotes > Status: Submitted

Filter ‘Review before’: today’s date

Defect/Service Quotes sitting at Draft status, not yet submitted to client or can be voided

Defect / Service Quotes > Status: Draft



Where in Uptick

Tasks ready to be invoiced

Task status: ‘Performed’

Billing Contracts to be reviewed before being


Tasks > Status: ‘Office Review’ > Category:


Finding Billing Cards that aren’t linked to your

integrated accounting software

Billing Cards> Filter: Linked to partner: NO

Invoices sitting at Draft status

Invoices > Status: Draft > Filter Author: (your name)

Billing Contracts to be reviewed or issued

Filter: Due Before (date)

Billing contracts that have expired

Billing Contracts > Filter Has expired: Yes

Operations/Service Manager


Where in Uptick

Tasks that technicians have set as re-visit required

Tasks > Status ‘Revisit’ > Filter Due Before:

Relative to now

Tasks with no due date created by office person in particular (could be missed)

Tasks page > Filter Due status: Blank > Filter

Office Assigned: (relevant person)

Tasks created by yourself to check on all tasks for any amendments needing to be made

Tasks > Author: (your name)

Confirm there are no outstanding tasks allocated to a technician that has recently left the company

Users > Mark that user as inactive > prompts

Annual Certification / Auditor reports due


Routine Servicing > (filter) ‘Routine Service Type’> (filter) ‘Due After’ = Beginning of month

Operations/Service Manager


Where in Uptick

Remembering on each page you are applying the relevant branch filter should your company be utilising this filter

Every module within Uptick has the option to apply applicable Branches

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