February 2022 Web Release Notes
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Release Date: 17th of February

Featured improvements

Scheduler: The new scheduler beta is now available to everyone. Client and property information is easier to see while scheduling, checks such as missing accreditations or out-of-tolerances are clearly visible, and the newly added monthly view helps you find gaps in schedules and visualise your teams capacity.

Approval Limits: For businesses with strict financial controls, you can now specify per-user approval limits for both quoting and purchase ordering. This makes it easier to empower technicians to quote from site for smaller repairs, and purchase materials without tying up office resources.

Revamped floor plans and remote panel monitoring: We've given floorplans and remote panel monitoring a face lift. You can now see the status of your building in a 3D "digital twin". Floors or areas with faults will be clearly displayed, allowing you or your customer to zoom in to see the defective asset and it's history. We've also improved our Locatrix integration and added more asset icons to our library for you to choose from.

Deep dive

The monthly scheduler

The new monthly scheduler view allows you to see your entire teams workload in a single screen. Spot individual technician under-utilisation using the colour coded cards, and see overall team capacity with the top bar graph.


Revamped Floor Plans and Remote Panel Monitoring

Both our floorplans and remote panel monitoring features have been refreshed. We've improved the Locatrix integration, allowing you to easily pull floorplans over from your Locatrix buildings, and we've added the 3D "digital twin" allowing you to visualise defects by level. We've also extended our icon library to cover over 100 pieces of fire and HVAC equipment, making it easier to visualise equipment by types on both the web and mobile.


Other changes and improvements

  • Improved Quick Add popup: When an asset or accreditation is added to the system using 'Quick Add', the list is immediately refreshed so you can see the added data straight away.

  • Subcontractor Portal. The purchase order subtotal is now clearly visible to the contractor.

  • Client Contacts. Client contacts can now be given access to the customer portal.

  • Property Contacts. Property contact roles are now configurable by the Control Panel. To add more roles, simply copy the format already given to our default options.

  • Accreditations. Accreditation types can now be categorised across competencies, licenses or inductions to help separate out the different accreditation types and how they are used within the system for future improvements.

  • Custom fields. Custom fields can now be added to suppliers.

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