Remote alarm-panel monitoring
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Provide your customers peace of mind, and ensure your techs have all the information required before attending site.

Increase revenue and decrease costs

Offer remote panel monitoring to your premium customers and give them peace of mind that their assets are being proactively monitored. Increase your revenue and decrease labour costs by arming your techs with all the information required for each panel before arriving on site.

Total visibility

Monitor your entire portfolio in a single dashboard, see events as they happen. Catch panels accidentally left isolated, ensure your technicians have the correct parts and location when dispatching a repair.

Throw away the graphics package

Remote panel monitoring integrates with our geospatial floorplans, so you, your technicians and your customer can easily see and drill down into each detector through a floorplan.

Instant notifications

Configure contacts per-site or per-client to receive notifications for different event levels, keeping your customers up-to-date and ahead of the curve.

Integrates with the Customer Portal

Give your customers a seamless view of their building compliance. Remote Panel Monitoring integrates perfectly with the Uptick Customer Portal, highlighting detector faults within the context of each building floorplan, giving your clients a greater level of transparency.

Supported Panels

Works with most panel manufactures including Honeywell Notifier / FireSense (AFP2800, AFP2800V2, AFP2800V3, AFP3030), AMPAC, FIRENETNFP, Petronics, Vigilant MX4428, Taktis, Brooks, Zeta, and Simplex.

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