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July 2022 Web Release Notes
July 2022 Web Release Notes
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Release Date: 21st of July

Featured improvements

The new Uptick Customer Portal is now live. It's a leap ahead: going beyond self service, the new portal is a “lite” facility management experience. The portal helps customers understand the compliance of their portfolio, not just individual buildings, and directs their attention to the most pressing issues.

Using the portal will increase trust through transparency, reduce admin overhead through self-service, and provide a slick experience packed with insights to help your customers understand the importance of maintaining their compliance levels.

Make sure you've set up which panels are visible by default via Control Panel > Customer Portal. By default, only the Activity Report and Defect Analysis panels shown.

Stock coming soon! The long awaited stock control feature has been released to our beta customers. Uptick supports multi-warehouse, van stock, stock-take, inter-warehouse stock transfers, purchase order to warehouse workflows, as well as material-related improvements to profitability and quoting. Stock will become available to everyone in the next couple of months.

Deep dive


You can configure which panels your customers see by default in your Control Panel, and customise each of your customers portals individually by enabling or disabling panels that might not be applicable. Enabling/diabling panels per customer can be done by clicking the 'Customise' option at the top, right corner in the customer's individual portal. You will have to do this for them.

NOTE: A few lesser-used features will not yet be available in the new portal, but these features will be built in the next three months. These include:

- Floorplans

- Client/clientgroup shared documents

- The Compliance by Contractor graph (used by our auditors)

- Most recent report display

If any of your customers use these features, they can navigate back to the old portal via the banner at the top of the page until those features are available.

Other changes and improvements

  • You can now upload documents up to 500MBs into Uptick, allowing you to keep all your large reports in Uptick.

  • To enable more business opportunities, the routine calendar now makes it easier to visualise any upcoming, out-of-contract testing that can be quoted for via the non-contracted servicing dashboard.

The asset count will show you how many assets are due for that test

The block will just be an outline if the test is out of contract and can be quoted for via the non-contracted servicing dashboard.

  • Recurring task appointments. So that you can input recurring appointments into Uptick faster, these can now be imported in bulk via the importer.

  • Bulk sending invoices for tasks. You can now send task invoices in bulk via the task list

  • Defect Quote list. Account manager, property certification date and quote supervisor was added to the defect quote csv download.

  • Task SLA due dates. The task's SLA times now shows on the task list as columns

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