September 2022 - Website Release
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Release Date: 15th of September

Featured improvements

This months featured improvements:

  • A more detailed Task profitability panel now shows expected margins for costs that haven’t yet been incurred, e.g: unbilled purchase orders, or unfulfilled stock that's expected to be consumed.

  • A new suite of templates are available, including a re-styled service report and defect quote. Access via Control Panel > Templates

Deep dive

  • A more detailed Task Profitability Panel so that you see your profit margins sooner, allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

    • Task profit panels have been updated to show Expected margins for costs that haven’t yet been incurred, e.g: unbilled purchase orders, or unfulfilled stock that's expected to be consumed.

    • What's currently billable will appear in your task’s Actual profit calculation if an invoice is yet to be raised. This means that you don’t need to raise an invoice to understand your incurred profit margins.

See our Task Profitability article for a more detailed breakdown.

  • A new suite of Defect Quotes are now available. Get your quote approved faster by sending more glanceable, relevant information to your clients with our free defect quote templates available to you:

    • Fully itemised defect quote

    • Itemised without the price per item

    • Itemised without the price, product or qty per item

  • Go to Control Panel > Document Templates > Browse Document Templates to preview and enable.


Other changes and improvements

  • A new Defect Quote Terms and Conditions field has been added to your Control Panel to avoid needing to submit a template change request to us when you want to tweak your T&Cs (Control Panel > Defect Quotes). You can style how your T&Cs display using our handy style guide - bold, italicise and make headings in just a few minutes! Our new defect quotes use this field to populate your T&Cs.

    Note: For all customers who want to tweak their T&Cs and that have already had Uptick set up their terms previously, we suggest you fill out this field and ask us to use this field instead to populate your defect quote template.

  • Uptick has already released the new AFSS report for September 1st reporting, you can enable this report by going to your Template Document gallery (Control panel > Document templates > Browser document templates).

  • To assist people trialling in our new stock module, we’ve added permissioning around stock PO creation, warehouse creation, and completing transfers and stock takes. Give yourself the ‘Can create and manage warehouses, stock-takes and transfers’ permission to continue trialling stock.

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