December 2022 - Website Release
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Release Date: 15th of December

Featured improvements

Uptick now supports raising multiple bills on a purchase order

  • To support inventory back ordering in a time where stock shortages are more common, Uptick now allows multiple supplier invoices to be raised against a single purchase order.

Changes and improvements

  • Important change to cost centres. If you have the cost centre extension enabled, you will now be required to set a cost centre when creating or editing tasks and defect quotes to prevent data entry errors.

  • Important change to branches. If you have the branch extension enabled, you will now be required to set a branch when creating or editing tasks, properties or defect quotes, to prevent data entry errors.

  • Profitability reporting. We've added the account manager and office assignee filters to all profitability reports so that managers can report on their tasks more easily.

  • Digital logbooks can now be seen in new customer portal per property.

  • Tasks. The task work tab will now show you any relevant per visit billing contract fees against your routines so that it's much easier to see where your billable values are coming from.

  • Defect quotes. Any internal notes written by the field on products suggested for quoting can now be viewed by office staff on defect quotes. This may help office staff to quote more confidently knowing all the information they need is in one spot.

  • The “Building Type” field on properties has been renamed to Building Use and is no longer a deprecated field, and can continue to be used on reports as a loose descriptor of what the building is and used for. Continue to use the Building Classes field for classifying a property as defined by the BCA. Building Use and Classes will be available to view and edit via mobile shortly.

  • Invoicing. You now have the ability to set default payment terms for your customers in the Control Panel. This is helpful for companies that have billing cards without any specific payment terms set, or for customers using offline accounting. Set this up by going to Control Panel > Invoicing.

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