August 2022 Web Release Notes
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Release Date: 18th of August

Featured improvements

Introducing Stock!

  • We’re excited to launch the first version of stock control, enabling more accurate job costing and the ability to manage your warehouse inventory. This release includes stock-takes and transfers, support for multiple warehouses, van stock, and purchase order-to-warehouse workflows. Van-stock levels will automatically adjust to reflect stock used during maintenance and repair workflows.

  • We’ve also made the supplier mandatory on purchase orders and improved delivery dockets for stock received over multiple deliveries.

Other changes and improvements

  • We're improving the process of submitting a change request for reports, quotes and other templates.

    We've built upon the existing process to bring you:
    - Greater visibility over the free defaults templates we have available
    - Transparency in the types of changes we offer

    Moving forward, we'll only accept change requests for templates via the built-in process within your Uptick workspace. Access this by navigating to the Document Templates section in your Control Panel.

    The biggest change to our process is that you'll need to invest the time up front setting up an example task or property that has all the relevant data (e.g. correct task category, the relevant routines, and the right assets or defects added). This will make it easier for our team to understand your change needs, and for you to verify the template at the end of the process. The more detail you include in your request (via the annotation tool) the better, and make sure you've ticked the right customisation options otherwise our indicative quote won't be accurate.

    Please note: In general, pricing has increased for template changes, and we are no longer able to offer changes free of charge as we are simply unable to manage the volume of requests. You can however modify your own templates at no charge (if you have some technical knowledge or have access to someone who does), learn more here.

  • A new default Service Report is available. Send more insightful, relevant information to your clients by using our new default service report. Features include:

    • Summary information about what maintenance testing was done

    • At a glance defect information about what defects were and remarks that were interacted with at the top of the report for quick, impactful information for your clients to absorb.

    • A single report to rule them all - it's built for every type of task by capturing all the relevant information for routine servicing, repairs, callouts and out-of-contract asset-based servicing. No need to manage more than one report!

    • Clickable links that take your clients straight to any relevant quotes pending approval or enlarged views of any remark images taken onsite.

This report will only work for customers on routines.

  • Supplier is now mandatory on Purchase orders. A supplier is required in order to push any invoices into your accounting organisation so this has been made mandatory at the start of the purchase order creation process.

  • Delivery dockets on purchase orders. You can now specify which material products were delivered when creating a delivery docket. This allows you to record this information in Uptick and paves the way for Uptick's upcoming Stock module.

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