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April 2022 Web Release Notes
April 2022 Web Release Notes
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Release Date: 21st of April

Featured improvements

More improvements to the new scheduler:

Schedule appointments from a map: The scheduler now supports both a list view, and a map view showing tasks pending scheduling. This allows your service team to easily assign work to minimise travel time by dragging tasks from a map.

Technician route planning: When creating or editing an appointment, you can now see the expected driving route for each of the assigned technicians on a side-by-side map. This allows you to optimise the sequencing of that appointment to minimise travel time, improving your technicians efficiency.

Deep dive

Schedule appointments from a map

The new scheduler now has the ability to allocate appointments to tasks via a map so that you can more easily allocate work within a similar location. Simply hold and drag tasks from the map into the calendar to schedule an appointment.


Tech route planning: The new scheduler shows you any selected technicians' routes for that day, helping you better plan for drive time. This is the first of many geospatial scheduling features to come, including automatic route optimisation (find the fastest route for set of tasks) and automatic scheduling planning (automatic scheduling of multiple jobs for multiple techs).


Other changes and improvements

  • Dynamic Forms. You can now ensure forms such as risk assessments are being completed every day by each technician, rather than just once per task. Set up your actions as "once", "once per day" or, "once per day, per tech" by going to Actions in your Control Panel.

  • Cost Centres & Invoicing. You can now configure your cost center's to automatically apply to a task, for combinations of branch, task category, or both branch AND task category. This helps prevent administrative mistakes for companies with different cost centres per state, per team.

  • Task List. We've added an additional filter for "activities completed" to make it easier to find tasks that have, or have not, been fully completed.

  • Assets & ESMs. We've cleaned up the asset form -- ESM only fields are not shown if the asset is not an ESM. To check whether an asset type is an ESM go to your Control Panel and click Asset Types.

  • Custom fields. We've made filters available on the asset and task list for your custom fields.

  • Styling update. We've upgraded a major third-party frontend library which will result in minor styling changes throughout the system. We've also moved the "what's next" box from the left to the right of the page.

  • Task Profitability.We're continuing to improve our per-task profitability tools and have a beta version of a new "margin review" screen available. The screen lets you see and edit the various components of your margin, before allowing you to quickly create your invoice. Contact Uptick Support to enable this on your workspace.

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