April 2019 - Uptick Field Release “Athens”
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  • App Store distribution.

  • New Look and Feel has been implemented to bring consistency throughout the app.

  • A Dashboard is now the first screen that greets a user after login which shows appointments, starred and filtered tasks.

  • Asset fields are configurable when viewing assets on the Work tab of a task allowing technicians to pick which asset fields are shown before entering into an asset.

  • The Products tab shows associated remark and asset in a clearer format.

  • Remarks are now resolvable via the product tab

  • Quote creation has been redesigned to make it easier to create quotes from the app.

  • Finalisation screen has been redesigned to make it clearer on what the technician has to do before completing a task.

  • Knowledge tab has been moved to the About tab

App Store

Starting with this release, the Workforce app will be distributed and updated via the App Store (we will send out further details once it’s available on the store).

Users will be able to download and update their app via the Store. To ensure that users get timely updates, we recommend that users enable automatic updates on their device by going to “Settings” > “iTunes & App Stores” and enabling Automatic Downloads for “Updates”.


New Look and Feel

The app has now been renamed from Uptick to Workforce.


Although the app may look a little different, you can still do what you used to do in the old app. The update was focused on actions, text and behaviours being consistent across the App. All text should now be scalable for users who enjoy using larger text on their devices.


My Dashboard

The dashboard is the new landing screen for all users. The screen is split into three sections:

  • Today: this displays all appointments assigned to the technician for the current day. Tapping on the blue chevron ( > ) on the section header will take the user to the Appointment calendar where they can view other days.

  • Starred: users can now star (favourite) tasks by swiping left on individual tasks located in the next section we mention below. Starred tasks can be ordered via a drag and drop by tapping on the blue chevron ( > ) on this section's header and holding and dragging on the three horizontal lined icon next to each task.

  • Tasks: displays a list of your tasks. This is the only list that you will be able to star tasks. The tasks displayed here can be filtered by pressing the filter button. By default, the filter is already set to only display tasks assigned to the user, but you can change this if you use some other form of technician assignment. Clicking on this section’s blue chevron ( > ), you will be taken to the task list that you know well (however you can not star tasks from this page).


Access to each of these sections is easy - users can scroll up and down, or tap the blue numbers in the top header to bring them to the section they are after.

The location Map can be found on this page and will take your task’s filters into consideration like it used to.

Tapping on your initials in the top right will take you to your App’s settings (explained further below).

Task List

The task details row has changed. Below is a breakdown of the row.


Icons have been added to the bottom right to show Access information. Generally, the icons highlighted in an orange colour require attention (such as making an appointment).


Pending/Unsynchronized changes

Pending changes that haven’t gone through to the web due to errors or no internet will be shown down the bottom of your task list, near the About tab.

Work Tab (when in a task)

The Work tab when in a task has been updated so the Pass/Fail/No Test is on the front screen. The “Grouped” vs “No Grouping” filter now looks and behaves the same for those that use it.

The tag with the number on it shows the number of remarks on the asset.


The default details shown when viewing an Asset (or ESM) on the Work tab have been changed, however it is now possible to display ANY asset fields you desire on this screen via a customisable widget explained below:

  1. Go to My Dashboard and tap on your initials

  2. Tap on Asset Display Settings

  3. Tap on the green plus to add a field or the red cross to remove a field. You can rearrange the order by dragging on the lines on the left of the row.

A preview is shown at the bottom of the Asset Display Setting page so you can get a feel for what fields you want to see before saving.


Products tab

The Products tab has been slightly modified and, where applicable, products are now grouped under the associated remark, under that associated asset.

You can now also resolve a remark from this page, however, you’ll still need to Pass the asset by clicking into the asset and saving the changes there.



The Finalization tab has been redesigned and it now acts as a checklist to ensure they have completed necessary items before completing the task.


Defect Quote Creation

The quote creation screen has been redesigned with quotable products being grouped by (if applicable) asset and remark.

Select the products you want to add to your quote and add any new products via the General section. Users can now preview the quote before either submitting it to the office for review or creating a repair task on the spot.


Any feedback on the changes above is welcome.

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