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December 2022 - Uptick Mobile Field Release (22.12.0)
December 2022 - Uptick Mobile Field Release (22.12.0)
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Welcome to the December release of our Workforce app!

Users will automatically receive this update over a seven day period, starting on Monday the 19th of December.

Changes and Improvements

This release brings a number of enhancements and incremental improvements to both the iOS and Android versions of the Workforce app, helping make your day more productive.

Important note for iOS users: As we announced earlier this year, we are no longer supporting versions of iOS prior to iOS 14. Most iPhones and iPads released within the last seven years can be updated to at least iOS 15, so please ensure you're running the latest version of iOS to benefit from our latest app features. You can go here to check your device compatibility (iPhone) (iPad)

We are introducing a new mobile Dashboard!

Our redesign efforts continue with a new, exciting Dashboard that provides you with even more tools to help you organise your day or week, saving you time and effort.

On top of its current, most used features, the new dashboard now also includes a 'Toolbox' that shows you any stock you need to have in your truck, safety requirements you may need to understand or access details you need before starting your week of work!

  • To help you understand how your day is progressing, we will continue to provide "at a glance" stats showing the percentage of completed appointments verse how many hours you've worked.

  • A clear visual for understanding Today's appointments and a handy option to look ahead to tomorrow's appointments for next-day planning.

  • A clear visual of starred tasks for those customers who need a way to self-manage the scheduling of their own tasks.

  • A quick way to access overdue tasks that require your immediate scheduling.

  • As you had before, a notification centre alerting you when a new app version is available, any incomplete task sessions or information about changed appointments.

  • A new Toolbox!


The toolbox feature tells you everything you need in your truck for either today, this week or next week, reducing any unnecessary trips to grab more stock or equipment. It also allows you to clearly see any access details you need to read to gain access to all your upcoming visits. This feature works really well for customers who schedule appointments for all their tasks, but also works for app users starring their tasks that they plan to visit in the coming days.


  • Access details:

    • Preview the properties safety requirements (if applicable) for tasks scheduled today or are starred to understand any safety equipment you may need.

    • Understand if you have any scheduled task's that require either a key pickup or require a call before attending site. Customers using the keys and equipment module will see relevant key information here if applicable.

  • Products: Identify all the stock you will need in your truck for either today, this week, and next week by going to the product's section of the toolbox. Again, if you don't schedule appointments for all your tasks, then the Starred tab will be something you can use. This product list works exactly like the 'Summary' tab within a task by showing you all unperformed material and equipment products needed on any of todays/this weeks/next weeks/starred tasks.

Reinstating Remarks

An improvement to "Un-resolve" (previously only available in iOS), the "Re-instate" remark feature allows previously resolved remarks to be reinstated from the Products (iOS)/Repairs (Android) tabs to cater for user error. Whether done through mobile or web, the reinstated remark event is tracked, allowing for a more transparent experience across all platforms.

Important: To keep using this feature on IOS or to simple start using this feature it requires the following permission to be enabled: Remarks > Can Reinstate Remarks

If you need this functionality please contact your administrator to enable the permission.


Mobile (iOS & Android)

Other nice touches

  • Testing Prompts: Sections are now collapsible, making it easier to work through prompt questions with many sections that may need to be completed in a mixed order.

  • Property details: The Building Type field has been renamed to Building Use. The “Building Type” field on properties has been renamed to Building Use and is no longer a deprecated field, and can continue to be used on reports as a loose descriptor of what the building is and used for. Continue to use the Building Classes field for classifying a property as defined by the BCA. Building Use and Classes will be available to view and edit via mobile shortly.

  • Asset display preferences: Can now be configured to display Standard of Installation and Performance details on any esms displaying in the asset list.


The mobile app is designed and developed with you in mind. If there is anything that either the iOS or Android versions lack, something that doesn’t work as you expect, or something that would make your day easier, please let us know! The feedback we receive from you is what drives all the changes we make.

Sending feedback is easy - in the app, go to the “About” tab and tap on our support email address or our phone number to get in touch.

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