October 2022 - Website release
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Release Date: 20th of October

Several changes and improvements have been made to the Uptick system this month, these include remarks, purchase orders, service quotes, the contractor portal & the customer portal.

Other changes and improvements

  • Reinstating Remarks. Office staff can now reinstate remarks that have been resolved by mistake, saving time recreating remarks. To reinstate remarks via the office, you must give yourself the 'Can reinstate remarks' permission.

  • Asset and remark callouts: We’ve added a quicker way to create callouts for assets or remarks. The recommended workflow is now: Create a task, go to the Work tab, and click “Add Repair Task”.

  • Remark before and after photos: Before and After remark photos can now be uploaded and viewed via the web and mobile so that you can clearly distinguish photos that were taken before and after the remark was resolved onsite.

  • To support the bulk updating of supplier prices, we've added the product's supplier to the price books price export.

  • Contactor Portal. We've reinstated the ability for contractors to bypass the required steps in the technician view of the contractor portal. We will add this as an optional control over contractors in the future.

  • Customer Portal. You can now drill down into individual assets from your asset lifecycle spending table on our premium portal.

  • The Contractor Signoffs module for auditors collecting contractor maintenance statements has had a small visual refresh. The Last Service Date can now also be seen as Last Service/Assessment Date.

  • Custom fields. Invoices now support custom fields, this could be helpful for displaying specific information to your clients.

  • Accounting Organisation syncing has been improved. We've stopped inactive billing cards & suppliers being created in Uptick, and billing cards and suppliers are now made inactive automatically when being made inactive in Xero.

  • Purchase order bill syncing with Xero has been improved, now pushing 4 decimal places to avoid rounding discrepancies.

  • Various other improvements to the system:

    • Speed improvements for loading large defect quotes

    • Uptick now creates PDFs a lot faster which may help support larger reports

    • Performance improvements to the new customer portal

    • Stock control useability improvements

    • Timezone accuracy improvements

    • Uptick will now immediately calculate the billing contract's annual value when created or updated via the importer

    • Customers can now search using the '&' character in the product catalogue

    • Cleaned up the servicetask to purchase order connection so that we always know when an item is stocked or needs purchasing.

    • More accurate tracking of billing contract inactive/active dates for later reference

    • The duration field on the task session popup now behaves better when manipulating it

    • The 'Has Remarks Events' filter for tasks lets you filter for tasks that can be easily dispatched, or need to be reviewed first.

    • The ‘Priority’ filter on the appointment scheduler let’s you filter for tasks with a high priority.

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